Monday, April 2, 2007

Blog Challenge part 2

Here is the layout to go with the blog challenge that Jenny posted on and also on here blog.
That's me! And those are my 3 most unlucky things.
As for life right now, two kids are still sick. Samantha has an awful cough, had a temp all weekend, and is losing her voice. Colby has had a fever all weekend, coughing, and now has a little diarrhea. Aahh-- life with kids! Thankfully, Will isn't sick. Let's hope he doesn't catch it, this sickness seems to linger.
Samantha has her first softball practice tonight. She won't be able to go, since she's home from school. There's a chance of rain so they just might cancel it anyway. I'm hoping-- I hate when she misses stuff like that. Especially since she really wants to go. She even gave up going to a birthday party to go to softball practice!

And tonight is a Girl Scout Leader meeting. My troop is working on a Service patch, and they are serving refreshments tonight. Should be interesting! The agenda shows that this meeting will be VERY busy... and we don't usually have girls there...! Here's hoping it goes well!
Have a great Monday!

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Katrina said...

That looks great Tracy. I better go & create my layout.