Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hi, my name is Tracy....

Being the good Girl Scout Leader and volunteer that I am, I agreed to participate in the annual "Phonathon" this year, last night. Last year it was actually fun. This year, it was *anything* but fun. Two hours of calling people, giving the little shpiel (that I messed up almost every time) just to be told NO. In two hours, I got FOUR people to pledge money. I probably called 100. It was very discouraging.... had to eat a bag of M & Ms just to make myself happy.

So, that makes something Scouts-related three times this week. That's GIRL Scouts... Will also has a BOY scout meeting this Friday. That only leaves Thursday, and stupid me signed Samantha up for Firecrackers. I'm thinking we may have to bow out of that, but we'll go to the meeting to see what it is about anyways.

I am wishing to be in a bath tub... "Calgon, take me away"... oh, that would be heaven.

Right now, gotta run... more volunteering! I've got School Banking to go to today!!

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