Thursday, March 17, 2011


And time marches on...
It's funny to see how in the past few weeks it went from having a snowstorm, to being in the 50s today! It seems as though spring is definitely well on its way, thankfully! We love playing outside in the snow, but the warm sunshine is so much nicer!
Will and Colby have done round 1 of their Black Belt testing, both passed! They also went to a Tae Kwon Do Championship. it was a very long day. Each boy did board breaking- they had to a hand break, a foot break, and a 'special' break that they chose. Will came in 3rd place and Colby came in 4th.
Samantha is officially done with basketball, and now onto softball. I'm happy to say she tried out for the high school JV team-- and MADE IT!! She was the only 8th grader to try out. We're so proud of her!! I can't wait to start watching her play again.
Owen, he's good too. Mischievous little thing. He's been singing twinkle twinkle ALL.THE.TIME. :) But it's so cute!! He also lately has been telling us about all the monsters he sees and how they scare him. I wonder if he is really seeing something?
Bought some books at the library when we were there for Story Hour (Oh, see the picture of Ilana and Owen?? He had to have his hair like hers!) and one is a children's book about sex. I got it for Colby mainly, and oh was it fun to see the reaction of all 3 when they saw it.
Tomorrow Samantha and I (and tagalong Owen) are headed to Nashua, NH for a clogging convention! Wish us luck!