Friday, February 27, 2009


This is weird! The pictures I just uploaded didn't show up right, but they posted... Must be the new browser I'm using?
Things are going well here... except we have no phone! The battery completely died and so all I can do is listen to people leave messages! It feels so lonely!
Owen is laying here on the couch next to me. I was hoping to go for a nice walk but it got chilly really quickly. Bah! Come on spring!! I need to walk!
Our dishwasher broke too! For some reason when it runs, it spits bubbles all over the floor! Lovely. Usually I enjoy washing dishes... but not when I HAVE to! Ha ha.
Tonight Colby and Art are going to the Readover Sleepover at the NEW school! I hope they have a fun time. Colby is really in need of some serious one-on-one time. I'm a little sad that I can't go. (They don't allow mommies to sleep with their boys)
Samantha is going bowling tonight with our church youth group, and so Will and I are going to bowl a little too...
Happy Friday

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, the video was there but it isn't showing up??? I'm really not too smart when it comes to this kind of thing!

Well, it was a video of Owen rolling over... he rolled across the floor this afternoon! Belly, back, belly, back... was very cute! He'll be mobil pretty soon I think!

We're in trouble now!


I'm not even sure this will work, but this is a video of Owen from today.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

It's Monday!! Hard to believe that it's the last Monday in February. Wow! Art's schedule is still weird... he's actually home today, working the evening shift. And all of the kids are home too because school doesn't start up again until Wednesday... so we are all hanging out together!!

On Wednesday the new CES opens! How exciting!

Here are some pictures that are from my own camera... they are a little old... :)

The top is Sam at her birthday party, opening presents! She actually volunteered to put the ribbon her head! Yes, we were surprised too. It was a really fun party.

And then a picture of Colby, taken on a night that we were all playing rummykub. It's always fun to have family game night. And even more fun when all the kids can play the game!!

And a picture of Will and the treasured chess set! He is really loving this game lately, and he is getting so good at it. I don't know claim to play well... but Will has beaten me *many* times. He's a very good strategist and he always looks ahead. It's fun to watch him play and see how his brain works.

And a picture of Owen sucking on my finger. I love his eyes!

And another picture of Owen... in this one he is wearing his cool OOGA BOOGA diaper! Yes, I
bought this diaper especially because of the print. I just love those little ooga booga monsters!

On Saturday I went with my sister to visit Zarek in the PICU at Albany Med. Unfortunately, no one under 14 is allowed... which means Owen had to stay home with Daddy. I was really nervous about that, but they both did great!!
Zarek was so small... laying in his huge crib, all hooked up to wires. So sad!! But he looked great, his color was nice and he looked perfect aside
from the big bandage on his side.
They did surgery and went in to drain the mass in his chest. When they were in there, they found something else... they don't know what it is... something that is attached to his chest wall. It is attached by blood vessels so they were unable to remove it.
They had to drain the mass before they could do another MRI... hopefully it is drained by now.
Keep praying for him!!

Bowling is going great! Only 4 more weeks. Wow. Colby won't be signing up again, but Will is
planning to do the next session.

Basketball is almost over. Colby has to miss bowling to go to basketball again. Just another reason for him not to do it again!!

We have started another home remodeling project-- our bedroom!! We have really not touched our bedroom since we moved in. But it's time. Art painted it yesterday-- a really nice dark gray color (what is his obsession with gray?). It looks 10,000 times better than it used to!!! Now we need to get new bedding and curtains, and frame some pictures to hang. Oh, and a new carpet! And we are moving the computer from our room to the back room... which requires another wireless set up. I can't wait to see it done!!

That's the update for now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi again!!

Well, Samantha is officially 12 years old now. That makes me OLD.
For her birthday she got a very cool digital camera, and all of the pictures today were taken by her!!

This first one is a self portrait, isn't she so pretty?

And Owen in all his baby cuteness.

And then Colby and Nick, being very silly.

And then Grammy and Owen== awww!!!

We have been very busy. Sam had a fun birthday party, we all went snow tubing and she brought a few friends. I had fun in the lodge with Owen, drinking hot cocoa and talking with an old friend.
And then they slept over, and surprisingly were asleep by 1.
At midnight we had pizza and ice cream!!

Basketball is winding down... not sure if I'm happy about that or not. At this point the boys don't want to play next year.

Art is still working a crazy schedule. This week it's days because the schools are off. So I have a house full and he is at work!!!

The boys got a little behind on tae kwon do so we are trying to catch up...

I will try and catch up more again soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wish me luck!

Here is another contest I would love to win! I haven't had any luck lately though, so maybe this is my time!!! Go there! She is having a contest on her blog to win a $10 gift card to GADS diapers (Green Acre Designs) They have some super adorable cloth diapers!! And seeing as Owen is starting to outgrow the smalls and move into the mediums, it's the perfect time for me to win this and buy one!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


No new update on Zarek.

Well...let's see...these first pictures are from the Blue and Gold Dinner last Saturday. It's a Cub Scout dinner. Yummy roast beef! Although Colby lost his uniform and couldn't find it... and by the time he did, we were late and weren't able to sit together as a family. (We found it under the couch...herm... and he even has a hook on his wall just for that uniform!!) Samantha did not go to the dinner, she was babysitting for our neighbors.

She also spent with day with my mom, and my aunt Tina, and cousin Jenn in Northampton, Mass celebrating Jenn's birthday. And Jenn in turn gave Sam a birthday gift too, including a neat journal made from recycled panda poo. Yup, poo!

Will woke up last Friday with an upset stomach and ended up staying home from school. That was a good thing, because he was throwing up. And didn't I just post that we were all done being sick??? Guess I spoke too soon. Will had a 101 temp on Sat morning, but seemed to be better by the evening for the dinner. That morning though, we found him on the floor in the basement sleeping in front of the woodstove!! And Shea was laying with him too!!

Here is a picture of me and Owen with my new baby carrier, a mei tai. It's taking us some getting used to. He loves being on the front, not so much in the back. (and please ignore the jammies, I was just bumming around!)

And Owen is just starting to sit up on his own!! Wow! Yesterday he sat on his own for a whole minute. I don't really give him the opportunity to sit on his own, but he likes to do it!!

Owen went to the dr. today because he is 4 months old. I will post the stats next time because all I remember is that he is 16 pounds!!!

Happy Monday night.

Friday, February 6, 2009

We're back!!

Well, we didn't go anywhere, of course... but it has been a while since I've updated this blog. I will get to that in a minute, but first things first:

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BABY BROTHER ZAREK. Zarek is just 12 weeks old. He is in the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. He has pneumonia and bronchiolitis. While doing an x-ray, the drs. found a huge mass that has caused one of his lungs to collapse, and has caused his esophogus to become twisted. Next Friday he has an appt. at Albany Med. I'm not really sure what will happen. PLEASE keep him in your thoughts and prayers. And my dad too, he is having a hard time with this. As is expected. I can only imagine how it feels to have your baby go through. Zarek is not much younger than Owen, and I know it would be so hard for us if that was Owen.

So what have we been up to, you ask, that has caused me to neglect my blog? Well, I know the last time I posted I mentioned that I had had a stomach bug. Well, that stomach bug managed to go all through our house and come back to me again... lasting almost 2 weeks. I also caught a cold that left me congested and very tired. The kids did really well when they were sick. Thankfully Owen never caught it.

We are all doing better now! No more sickness. And Price Chopper had a great sale on Lysol so I've been spraying away!

I'll try and go backwards so I don't forget much. I should mention first that Art is working right now-- at 11 am... yes, he's back on the day shift for today. It's wonderful, although I do miss having him here! I can't wait till he's home tonight and we can have dinner together again!

Basketball is still in full swing, although I'm pretty sure it is getting near the end now. I don't even know, I haven't even looked ahead-- I just go day to day! The kids love their teams and are all enjoying playing so it's nice. But as it always goes, Samantha is already signed up for softall in the spring and this weekend we're signing Colby up for baseball. It never ends!!

The boys are still excelling at bowling. Will has been doing great- around 120/130. Hopefully he'll bring his average back up. And Colby does great too. Will needs a new ball though, and reminds us every time we go to bowling!!

Last week we had some friends over on the ice to go skating. The weather was great, not too cold, and they had a blast. Even the kids who didn't have skates used sleds. We had to buy Will new skates but they'll at least be used by Colby and Owen someday. Colby needs skates, Art thought his fit him but they really didn't... he was able to use Sam's old skates though so who cares!! We love having the pond to skate on. The kids have been out a few times. They even met some new friends who came to the pond to skate. Hopefully they'll be out a few more times before it melts. That's the only reason I'm liking the cold weather!!
I took the kids to tour the new Castleton Elementary School the other night. Wow! It's huge! It was empty of course...they are moving every thing in the next couple of weeks. But Colby got to see where his room is, and all the special rooms, so it was good for him. His grade had toured it earlier in the day so he was my guide.

I feel like the boys have missed a lot of tae kwon do lately because I didn't bring them at all when we were sick. They need to catch up!

Not sure if I ever mentioned, but Owen is rolling over all the time now. If you put him on his back, he flips right to his belly. But he's not so good at flipping back onto his back so he gets pretty frustrated on his belly. Sometimes he just decides to suck on his hands! He does that all the time too... sucking or chewing on his hands and fingers.

We watched the Superbowl-- all the kids were asleep by 9. I took the cutest picture of the boys sleeping in the basement. Sam had already gone up to bed.

Art bought an air hockey table that we put in the basement! It's really becoming a "family room" down there. The kids have been loving playing air hockey. And I've beaten Art few times!!

I bought myself something too....a Babyhawk baby carrier. It's really for Owen, of course!! I've used it a couple of times and so far it's really comfy. Owen needs to get used to it. The last time I used it it put him to sleep!!

That's all for now. Off to watch "What Not To Wear". Hope I didn't forget too much!!