Thursday, March 29, 2007

My poor little guy is siiiick

So yesterday my little guy Colby (5) did not want to go to school. His reasoning was "my tooth is loose". When I told him that wasn't a reason to stay home, he said his forehead hurt. He had been coughing a little, so I gave him some cold medicine and sent him on his way. Well, don't you know he came off the bus with a temp of 102. He had a temp all last night and still has a low grade one today. He's also coughing and raspy. Poor little buddy!! He slept in my arms all night long (kept me nice and warm, ha ha) and now he's just walking around in his favorite red blanker... wearing it like a cape!
I've got a nice full house this morning... but they're being pretty good! Two of them came an hour and a half late, so that was a little nice! I was able to get the living room nice and clean. Not sure what I bother, considering that is where they play! But at least now the floor is swept and there's nothing for the baby to put in her mouth.
I did however find one of Avi's binkies in the couch... and she's gone without it for about 3 weeks now. That was a little set back... she put it right in her mouth and did not want to give it up! She followed me for about ten minutes asking where I put it... but hasn't asked since. Phew!
My kids have Lip Sync practice today... the show is this Saturday. Seems like we've been practicing for ages! Not sure if Colby will be able to make it...
And then I have a meeting for softball tonight. Not sure what there is "new" to know but at least we'll get to meet Samantha's coach.
Happy Thursday! Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It is BEAUTIFUL outside!! Almost 60 degrees, sun is shining... and my flowers are even starting to come up! I love this time of year!! It really makes me want to get outside and clean up the yard!

We went walking today... only for about 45 minutes but that was a long time for Avi- she's only 2. And she walked the whole way while I pushed a double stroller! She was a trooper! And boy did she take a good nap this afternoon!

Tonight I have Girl Scouts. I am the Leader for my daughter's troop - 7 10 year olds. It really is a great bunch of girls. We have our share of problems but overall I love this bunch. It is a lot of work to be a leader though! It seems like I've spent all day getting paperwork together and making sure we have things in order. At this point we are working on finishing up some patches and helping another troop with their bridging requirements. I am already starting to plan next year-- and, with my co-leader's agreement, implementing some changes that I think will really help the girls grow.

And I scrapped a LO today! (See above). I just love those pictures of Samantha and her hamster, Hamtaro. He was a really good sport during that photo shoot, considering it was his bedtime!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blog Challenge #1 part 1

Well, I started this blog originally because Jenny posted a blog challenge on Scraptown! The first challenge has been posted on and that's what this post is about.

My unlucky things:
~Not being able to find my keys
~Waking up in a sour mood
~Losing my patience with the kids
~Looking forward to something that doesn't end up happening and then not being able to get over it.
~Not having any chocolate in the house!
~Bringing my camera somewhere, only to realize the battery is dying or dead.

Will is 8 now!

It's hard to believe my little guy turned 8 years old on Sunday. I have spent 2,930 days as his mother so far. Amazing!
We celebrated his birthday by having a party at Guptills. Wow, that place brings back so many memories!
And he had a great birthday! He got a Nintendo DS (Grandma Lorna swears it's his last Gameboy ever!) and a new bowling ball. Also some R/C cars and other odds and ends. He made out well!! Mom and Dad got him a cool new bike! Can't wait until the nice weather so he can ride it!
Happy birthday, sweet child of mine.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a BOY!

It's so weird to even think about all this... aaacckk!! But... my dad called tonight and said they had an ultrasound today and it confirmed that he and his girlfriend are having a BOY. His name is going to be Kaden Richard. He is due sometime in June. This is just weird, weird, weird. To think that my little brother is being born the year I turn 30. Samantha thinks it's very cool to have an uncle who is 10 years younger than she is!! She says someday she'll tell her friends "I have to go pick my uncle up from preschool!" :)
When my baby brother turns 18, I will be 47. What's worse-- when he turns 18, my dad will be 72 !!!!
This is such an odd situation though. I still have not met the baby's mother... my dad's girlfriend. I have this awful fear that they will split up and I will never get to see my brother. As it is now, I haven't seen my dad is so long... just a handful of times since last summer. It's tough... but it's getting easier. I just don't want to know there's a baby out there that I can't have a relationship with...
I hope it's not that way... I hope it all ends happily and I get to see little Kaden whenever I want... but who knows?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's all volunteer!

This weekend has been a great weekend for our family, chock full of volunteer work! Whew!
On Friday night, we went to the firehouse and helped set up the track for the Pinewood Derby I was in charge of. It took a couple of hours, taking down tables, setting the back up in different formations... and then setting the track. The boys enjoyed that!
On Saturday morning I did the Pinewood derby. It's very stressful being in charge of something like that. I get nervous that I didn't get enough food, or drinks, or people won't show. Which actually happened... out of 15 or so Junior scouts that were supposed to come, only 6 showed up. Dang! At least the Brownies all showed.
When the derby was over, we had to take down the track and clean the firehouse again. We also helped set up the tables for the Blue and Gold (boy Scout) dinner that night. We put on tableclothes, folded napkins... and I got to teach the kids how to set a table using salad forks!
We had to leave by noon so that Samantha and I could drive around the neghborhood and pick up food that people had set out for our Girl Scout food drive. We brought it to the food pantry and then we stayed for a while... we checked in food... Sam and I... we checked for dents, and expired food... and whatever was good we put on the shelves. It's amazing how much stuff is expired that people donated. But it was very interesting to see the food and all that. Very humbling.
And after that we had the Blue and Gold dinner for Boy Scouts. Will's troop did a little skit of knock knock jokes, they were cute. The roast beef dinner left a bit to be desired...but oh well...
And now this morning, hubby is over at the firehouse again, doing a benefit breakfast for one of the kids in our neighborhood/school who is battling a serious bone diesease (see I love that hubby is volunteering his time and cooking!!
And this afternoon is my Girl Scouts International Fair. We are doing Hong Kong. Should be fun!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Plans changed....

Went to the dr. yesterday for a phycial and was told I need to exercise more. In theory, that sounds great! In reality, I have no idea when I'd have the time... Then I found out the girls I babysit are very sick and not coming today. So-- yippee! The YMCA!! But no... daughter is home sick again. She has a nasty cold and just doesn't feel/look good. Aww man!!!
So I will be home cleaning until around 11, when I have to pick up Will to go to his orthodontist appointment. Poor buddy-- now he KNOWS that they will be tightening his braces and so he cries when he thinks about it. I know how he feels, but what can I do?
After appointments we usually go out for a lunch, but not with a sick kid in tow. We may just hit McD's...
I realized this morning I missed Grey's Anatomy last night... was it a repeat? I did watch American Idol... so glad Antonella is gone. But I'm bummed Sundance is gone... I really liked him. I like Sonjaya too, but I think Sundance...and Jared, for that matter, was better. Top 12 is interesting... it will be neat to see how quickly all these guys are voted off!! Ha ha ha.
Signing Sam up for cheerleading again tonight. She's on the fence about doing it... which sucks because it was so fun the first two years and last year really soured her. I hope she gets a good coach (Pam!) I will be an assistant coach IF Pam is the coach. I'd love to be head coach again but I won't put myself through all that bullshit. I'd put Sam in another cheerleading place if I could...but there's no where. So we'll suck it up. She's good at it, too... so I don't want her to just quit. We'll see how it goes.
Have a great FRIDAY!!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Great day!!

Today was a great day! I just love when I have a good day... when I feel like I got something accomplished! I was babysitting, and it was SO COLD outside that there was no way I going anywhere... So we were cooped up in here. But the kids were so good! I think they were all tired... we had lunch by 11 and they were asleep by 11:30! I was able to clean the living room and kitchen (even the floors!), and my bedroom (while they were napping)... and I even was able to type up the minutes from my meeting last night!! Now if I could only figure out how to make a delicious, filling dinner that is worth 0 points....

I'm snacking on fat free popcorn... which is actually quite tastey. Not as tastey as chocolate, but I can imagine! I want to get myself full on popcorn so I won't eat so much dinner...

Tonight is American Idol, the guys. I'm not even sure yet who I like... I like Shondaya (is that his name?) but he just isn't up to par with, say, Chris Daughtry... There are definitely some girls that I like this round... So I'm looking more forward to tomorrow night than I am to tonight's episode...!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

My busy life!!

Busy busy busy are we. I am tired but I keep on going...

Yesterday morning I had my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I was down another 1.6 pounds! Yippee for me! But it's getting discouraging because I've only lost a little over 5 pounds and it's been 5 weeks.... at this rate, it will be summer before I'm close to my goal.
After the meeting Will had bowling. He has been in the league for about a month now. His average right now is a 42 and in his first game he scored a 59! I was very proud of him. He scored a spare and even a strike, but that was during practice.
Samantha had two basketball games after that, back to back. They were both "away" but not too hard to find. She own both games! She's so good at basketball!! She even fouled a couple of times... we're like "Go Sam! Way to be aggressive!" :) The first game they creamed them, 32 to 9. The second game was much closer... 11 to 10.... and they scored a basket in the last 40 seconds to win! It was a very cool game!!
After the games Grammy convinced Sam to go to Pizza hut. I couldn't eat any pizza, that was a little tough. But I was full anyways from the sub I had gotten between games.
As soon as we were done there, we had to rush home because it was Family Game Night at church. It was the first one...and it was actually a fun time. I must admit, I was a bit nervous... but it was fun for all of us. Hubby and I learned to play Dominoes, which was cool!! And someone brought a Wii that kept the kids entertained :) We were there for 4 hours!
Couldn't sleep when I went to bed... stayed up watching a cool ER story on the Discovery Channel. That channel has some interesting shows on it! Had to turn it off to go to sleep... Hubby was snoring up a store so it was tough.
And then... Shea was up throwing up in the middle of the night. Poor puppy! Thank goodness Hubby was willing to clean it up. I don't do throw up. Shea spent the rest of the night in her crate... so I woke up early to her wimpering. I felt bad for her and let her out....
Went to church, now we're headed to Lip Sync practice. And back to church again for a Lenten dinner and some dramatic readings that Samantha and Will are involved in.
And then....bed!!!! I can't wait.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Gotta Rant Tonight..

In my house we are all fans of American Idol. It's very exciting to watch, and wish, and sometimes even vote. The whole family gets into it. I even brought my daughter to see the tour last year!

Well, by now you probably know about the scandal surrounding 2007 Idol Antonella. Well, hubby right away thought Antonella was the prettiest girl on the show. Of course, he likes to hear them sing... but he's always got a comment about how the girls look. I don't mind really... I mean, I drooled over Chris Daughtry all last season!!

So anyways, after hearing about the rumored pictures of Antonella, I looked for them on the internet. I was quite surprised by what I saw, and couldn't wait to show hubby. We saw a few different photos, but the one that is so important to my rant is one of Antonella and a number of other girls, standing in a line pushed up against eachother, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. Mind you, these are all twenty-somethings and are quite pretty. Not even a second after looking at it hubby comments "what's up with THAT girl?" and I looked closer... the only thing I could tell was that her boobs were pretty big, like she was smooshing them up to look bigger or something. So... I said "What, her big boobs?" and he was like, "No, that big belly." WOH-- WHAT??? Okay, I admit, upon closer inspection this girl is a tad bigger than the other girls. But please! She is still a skinny minnie. At least, a lot skinnier than ME. And seeing as I'm trying hard to lose weight... it's very hard for me when hubby has nasty comments for skinny girls. He kept it up...saying he couldn't believe she would pose in a bikini and she's probably embarassed and blah blah blah. Well, I was so annoyed. It's this stupid attitude that is going to turn my 10 year old into an anorexic. It's this stupid attitude that is always going to make me feel huge and unattractive. Ugh.

Okay...rant over. I'll try and get over it. If you happen to find this picture on the internet, I'd love to know your thoughts. I think this particular girl is second from the left.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Busy Night tonight!!

Today is another day of babysitting. Just two today, so it's a bit easier. As long as I can keep the baby from crying (her favorite thing to do) it will be okay!

At 2:35 my boys will get off the school. By then these two will be gone, and I will have to put the boys right in the van and get to the middle school, where my daughter is in a volleyball tournement from 3-6. I don't think she'll be playing that whole time, but that's what we were told. At 6, my son Will has wrestling practice, at the high school (which is thankfully right next to the middle school!). And then at 7, Samantha has her wrestling practice. At some point in there, I need to bring Samantha to drop off some fundraising materials. And at 7, I'm supposed to meet with some parents to plan our kids' lip sync performance (a school show). Apparently, we won't be eating dinner tonight....!! Actually, there's a Jiff-e-Mart somewhat down the road that sells subs and burgers and such... that just might be dinner tonight! I'm so glad my husband will be able to help me out tonight!

And by the way, he never did get the black fabric paint yesterday. REFUSED to go to Wal Mart. I kinda thought he would, but I had to try! OH well, the shirts turned out great anyway. Oh, and that's another I need to do.. pick them up. We left them at the church to dry... a few girls went a little paint happy and put globs of paint on their shirts...

So hopefully tonight will go smoothly. I may complain about having to run around and be in so many places...but I can honestly say I LOVE it!! I love being "mom" and doing all the kid stuff.

Have a great first day of March!