Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday October 30

What a frigid Thursday it is! Although it's not so bad inside the house, where I can be toasty warm snuggled under a blanket with a hot chocolate in my hand... but then I go outside, and I'm practically shivering. Granted, my threshold for cold is probably not the norm... I get cold when it's 65! So this 30 degree weather makes me feel like I'm in Alaska! What will I do when it really gets cold??
Oh well... enough about the cold weather. Let's just be thankful that we have a woodstove now!
Don't you love this picture of Samantha and Owen? She is such a big help with him. I know I can count on her to hold him when I need her to-- and I don't have to hover close by, scared that she will drop him! As much as I love holding my little guy... it's just not possible 24/7, like when I'm trying to cook! And that's where Samantha came in. Poor Owen was crying, but Big Sis picked him up and he melted right into her! It was so sweet. He almost went to sleep too. She definitely has a knack for calming him down.

The next picture is exhibit A: what happens when you ask Daddy to take a picture of you and the baby. Did he realize he cut off a third of my face? Or was he trying to be funny? Either guess is a good one, I honestly don't know the answer! Aside from that, what's up with Owen? This picture was taken after he spent about 20 minutes with Daddy, playing happily on the floor.. I snapped so many fun photos! Then I asked to have one of us taken, and he started crying! Sheesh! You think he'd be a little kinder to his only food source!?

Here are some pictures of that happy Daddy time! We were in the basement, where it was a nice comfortable 85 degrees...!!!... but Owen hated it. He doesn't like the heat it seems. So we stripped him down and played with him on the floor, where it was cooler.
When Mommy plays with Owen, she snuggles him and kisses him and sings to him... when Daddy plays with Owen... he "punches" him and makes funny faces and poses... he even tried really hard to get a picture of Owen holding a beer, but Owen wasn't having it (Go, Owen!)

I do love the look on Art's face when he was having Owen fake-punch him! It's classic! He always comments on how Owen looks like he wants to punch someone, because he always makes fists!
And this picture, we were saying, "Let's see some muscle!" Can you see them???
And the bottom picture, Daddy was making him stand! He looks so sweet, doesn't he? And look how tiny he looks next to Daddy's hands! Awww...

So here is our update....
Owen is doing great! Can't believe he is 3 weeks old already. Why can't he stay this size forever?? Or at least a year?? Why do they have to grow so quick? I am cherishing every moment with him.
Samantha is doing well. She has been pegged as a Highly Abled Learner... and I have an appointment with her teachers on Monday to "make sure she is being challenged". That should be interesting. Her math and ELA teachers will be there.
And basketball has started. We got a call last night from her new coach. Last year she wanted to be on the "A" team and ended up on the "C-" team and was terribly upset until the season started, and then it was great! And this year, she wanted to be on the "C-" team again because she loved her coach... but instead she's on the "A" team, we think. Either way, it's a new coach and she's not too happy about that! Oh well, I'm sure it will work out! She's such a great ball player, she should shine on any team!
Will is also playing basketball, and apparently he has one of the best coaches (coming from someone who was on her team last year) so I'm happy about that! Honestly, I don't care what team he's on, as long as he has fun. And it sounds like he has a few friends on this team so that should make it better than last year!
And... we went to the orthodontist this morning. He got his retainer bar taken off! His first words were "Can I have some gum???" Which was very cute! Unfortunately, we have an appointment in December, and another in January, to talk about his BRACES. Yes, he is getting braces. Phase II. Lovely. Wonder what Phase II will cost us?? Do I want to know?
Colby is playing ball too... but he doesn't start until December. Which is good. Give us a little more time to get used to carting 4 kids around! Colby is doing great. School is going well. He's become friends "again" with a little boy up the road and they are playing all the time, it's so nice. I think he feels special that he can ride his bike up the road, and then call me when he gets there. A little freedom!
Art is almost finished with the roof on the rental house- he has been there so much, I hope he finishes soon! It's been a little hard not having him around these past few weeks... but the good thing is, all I have to do is ask, and he'll come home and help out! The other night he knew I was overwhelmed so he started a fire, let me and Owen lay down on the couch... and then he cooked dinner and cleaned up! AND brought Sam to basketball practice! That is worth a million dollars to me! I don't need diamonds, I just need someone to make me dinner!
Have a wonderful Thursday! Don't be too crazy on Mischief Night!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Monday!

See this adorable hat on Owen? It's a pumpkin hat! It was made by my good friend Amy Marie from my scrapbooking website! She sent it for Owen and it fits him perfectly! It love it on him, he is so cute!!
But it wasn't easy to take a picture of it, seeing as he cannot sit up yet and even though he holds his head up pretty well, he doesn't do it for a long time....
So we were trying to be creative and get a good picture!!

And a sleeping picture! I just love sleeping baby pictures!

Here is a picture of Colby holding Owen with the pumpkin hat on!! What a cheesey smile, Colby!! I did get a picture with a better smile, but Owen didn't look so well.

And here is a picture of WIll and his Jack O Lantern! He went to his friend Elijah's yesterday, and came home with this!! I just love it!! He was so proud of himself, too.
That is one thing we haven't done yet, is get pumpkins. And we haven't gotten down any Halloween decorations. We barely know what the kids will be for Halloween!! I am SO behind.
At least I bought the candy, and I haven't even opened a bag to "try" them!!

Speaking of Halloween, just found out that the middle school won't be celebrating Halloween this year... instead they will have a "black and orange day". While I understand why they may want to do this, and while I understand that older kids don't really want to dress up and parade around the school... I feel like they are taking something away from Will and all the other 4th graders who were planning on dressing up at school. And us moms, who enjoy going to see them!
Samantha of course said "So?" but Will was pretty bummed.

Funny picture! Colby and I were reading books last night... and Owen fell asleep on me, so I put him on my legs and Colby snuggled up to me. It was great-- I got to have them both on my lap! And Will took the picture, what a good photographer he is!!

Today is my first day with Nick after taking 2 1/2 weeks off... so far he is a big help! But he already told me "I'm going into the living room because I don't want to hear him cry!"


Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Friday Again!

Here are some more pictures to share!
Last night Owen went to his first Family Night at Aunt Terry's house. Of course, he was the main attraction! Everyone loves a baby, especially my family!
He was in a great mood too...very happy and alert.
In the top picture, that is how he fell asleep in my arms at the end of the night. I loved how he was so curled up and comfy!
And isn't that a sweet outfit? It's a hippo outfit I bought off of ebay months ago! There's a matching hat too but it had fallen off of him... for
some reason this outfit was stuffed in his bottom drawer! I'm glad I found it- it fits him perfectly!

The second picture is Owen on Grammy's shoulder. I love how alert he looks!! What a doll face!

The third picture is Will holding Owen on Thursday morning. I love how Owen is curled up on him, looking outside. Will loves to hold the baby, but only when the baby is happy! If he's crying or needs a diaper change, right back to Mom her goes!
The next picture was taken when Daddy was holding Owen. He always seems to have this serious face on him, and it's hard to capture because sometimes the pictures just don't look at good as he does in person! I'm happy with this picture, though... it really shows him off. Of course, he's not really that bulky!!

And last.... that little scrunched up look! I love when Owen lays like that, with his bum sticking up in the air! I know you're supposed to put babies to sleep on their back... but Owen really prefers to be on his belly. I think he just feels more snug that way. Obviously, he's always on his belly or side when he sleeps with me. And on those rare occassions that he's on his back, he's snuggled in my arms. I NEVER leave him sleeping on his belly when I'm not able to check on him all the time though....

Today is gorgeous! The fall weather is just beautiful! My neighbor Barb and I went on a nice walk around the neighborhood. Owen was snuggled in the stroller, wearing a really cute snowsuit I found hanging in his closet! It is blue, with
little ears on the hood! And a few blankets on top of that, didn't want him to get cold! He must have been just right because he fell right asleep and slept the whole time.

This morning there was a presentation at the elementary school for the summer reading program. Samantha came in 2nd place this year among the 6-8th graders. She won a gift certificate to the Funplex! That will be fun! I know she's a little bummed though, as the 3rd place winner got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, one of her most favorite stores! Oh well. I'm just
proud of her for coming in 2nd place. She read so much over the summer-- she still does!!

Colby won a small prize too, when his name was pulled out of a hat. I felt bad, they never even mentioned Will. I think he just didn't log enough minutes so he wasn't an "honorable mention" but he was there so I wish they had at least said his name....

Tonight it a Pack Meeting for the boys. Always a fun time! I love to see them dressed in their Scout uniforms... they look so formal!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn is here!

I took this picture of Owen today, sleeping on the chair. Look at his hands! He has such long fingers... such perfect little fingers, and beautiful nails. Today is the first day that I had his hands exposed... I didn't want to, but all of his outfits that go over his hands are in the wash, besides the gowns... he had one outfit in his drawer, and as soon as I put it on him- he pooped, and went through the diaper and clothes!! Of course!! But now that his hands have been out all day, he has scratched his little face up. Boo. No open hands tomorrow.

So... it's definitely autumn!! The leaves are so beautiful, orange and red and yellow... the view of our backyard is just gorgeous.

Today Will was over playing with some friends and they tried to build "the biggest leaf pile ever!" I needed at least one picture, so I snapped one before they were done. But I couldn't watch them any longer, as I had to start dinner (a favorite-- meatloaf) and nurse the baby.

Yesterday I took the kids in the backyard to try and get some nice fall pictures.
This one of Colby and Owen is just precious. I love how Colby's hair has a strong orange color to it!! And Owen is looking at the camera, can't ask for more than that!!
Colby was in a bad mood, not that you can tell. He was very disagreeable... he didn't want to sit on the leaves, especially when he saw a spider on one. So he was sitting on his booster seat!
At least he smiled so I could get this photo!!

Here is a picture of Will and Owen. Will was very happy to get his picture taken holding the baby. I love this little Pumpkin hat that Grandma Lorna bought for Owen when she was visiting. It's so perfect for this season!!!
I tried to get a good picture of just Owen in the leaves, but he really only likes to be held. He didn't like laying in the leaves.

Here is Samantha and Owen! Samantha is so comfortable with the baby...she loves to hold him. And she's so good with him! He knows it too... he always calms right down when she holds him. She has a special way I guess!
Doesn't she look so pretty in this photo? She is really growing up. Definitely a "pre teen".
Look at Owen's face too... doesn't look too thrilled, does he? I LOVE the little expressions he makes!!!

Art is still working the 3-11 shift. Today he spent the day putting a roof on his rental house. He did it yesterday too, and is a little more than half done. He is such a hard worker! Even a neighbor at that house commented on how he doesn't take a break.

Samantha got an interim report card last week-- and there was a letter enclosed. It said that Samantha is eligible next year to take an advanced math class (in 7th grade) so that in 8th grade she can take 9th grade math. She is very excited! Math is definitely her favorite subject. And we are so proud of her!!!

Will has also been doing good in school. He says his favorite subjects are ELA and math, just like Sam. He is having some issues with some of the kids though... he is forever being teased and picked on, and the poor child just cannot stand up for himself. I'm really torn as to what I should do. The kids who are picking on him are kids he has grown up with, I know their parents, and I know they are trouble kids. I really wish Will would fight back.

Colby is doing well. Although he has turned into this very aggravating child! He has ATTITUDE with a capital "A". Which wouldn't be so bad if I weren't already dealing with 2 other children who also have attitudes!! I'm not sure if his attitude is because of his age, or because of the baby... or a little of both. Either way, I'm hoping I can get rid of it soon!!

I brought the kids to church yesterday, and they had a rose on the altar in honor of Owen! And we got to bring it home, so we have a beautiful big red rose in the living room! Everyone there was excited to see the baby. And of course, five minutes into the service he pooped a very loud poop!

On a completely different subject, I read the book "Gap Greek" by Robert Morgan. It was really good! Lately I have been reading similar books...about poor people living in the mountains. I love that kind of stuff!! And I'm so thankful to my friend Amy, who has been my library lately. She has tons of books... and I borrow a couple, read them, and exchange them for two more!! So until I read them all, I don't need to go to the library!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Friday!

This is what I call Owen's "mad face". He scrunches down his little eyebrows and kind of looks at you like he's mad. Of course, we think it's simply adorable!!

I love taking pictures of Owen, but I swear they don't do him justice! He is much cuter in person!

I joke that this is what he does when he doesn't want me to take any more pictures!!

This picture was taken today. I love his little hats!

Here he is with Sissy.

Today was a pretty good day. Owen started off by taking a 3 hour nap as soon as the kids left for school. I really didn't know what to do with myself. I puttered on the computer a little, cleaned a bit, did laundry... and of course when he woke up, I got hungry and wanted to eat but I couldn't because all he wanted was to be held! I can't stand to put him down and listen to him cry-- it breaks my heart. He's still so teeny tiny, of course I just want to hold him. So I do.
And in the afternoon, I sat on the couch to nurse him, and we both fell asleep! Ahhhh- that was so nice and refreshing!

Tonight Will went to a Funtastic Friday at school. And Art is out at a party, so I had to bring Will and then pick him up. I didn't really want to bring a 9 day old baby there, but I had no choice. Will had lots of fun. I'm glad he is old enough to start doing things that only Sam used to be able to do.

And I have to say, I go to a great church! Every day this week someone has shown up and brought us meals :) How nice is that? It's great to not have to wonder 1. what to make, 2. when to make it. It's all there, all ready! And they even bring dessert!! It's been great, especially since I don't have Art around in the evenings and it has been quite hard.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One week old! WOW!

It's really hard for me to believe that Owen is one week old today. Where did one whole week go? How did seven days pass by already with this little baby in our lives? It doesn't seem possible.

Yesterday Owen had a rough day. This top picture shows how he spent most of the day. I'm not really sure why, but he wasn't a happy camper. I brought him to a La Leche League meeting in the morning, and all was well. Spent some time outside in the afternoon, and all was well. But come 6 PM and it all went downhill. He must have cried from 6 to midnight, off and on.
Samantha was able to calm him down though so that was nice, gave me a little break. Whenever I hold him, and he's cranky, he just wants to nurse.

The next 3 pictures were taken today. I love how I caught the little smirks on his face!! He "smiles" a lot but they're very quick. And then he usually makes what I like to call his "mad face" where he scrunches down his eyebrows and looks at you with these little eyes. And then smiles again. It's very cute!!

Today he has spent most of the day sleeping, go figure. I'm hoping that doesn't mean he will be
up all night, but what can I do? I'm not going to make him stay awake.

Today Mommy and Daddy took Owen to 2 stores and he did really well. Slept most of the time in fact. It was really nice to get out, for me at least!

Art is back to working 3-11:30. Thankfully tonight I got Lisa to bring Samantha to Girl Scouts, and I got my mother to bring the boys to tae kwon do. I just hate the thought of them missing so much. And I still can't drive. Not to mention, I really don't want to bring Owen out
where until I HAVE to.

The weather is beautiful today, and Owen and I took our first real walk! I went by myself, with my music, because he was asleep. Not to mention, I wasn't sure if he would like it because last time I tried he just cried. But this time he just slept. Until I got to my friend Regina's house... when she came out to meet him, he let out a really big wet toot and filled his diaper. That's a great first impression!! She loved him anyway!

Uh-- there he is making noise, so I better go get him. Have a great day!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

We are in love!!!

It's hard to believe that baby Owen is going to be 5 days old today. Hard to believe he is has only been here for 5 days- it feels like so much longer. And hard to believe that a week ago he was still in my belly. Babies truly are a miracle.

I hope this little guy enjoys getting his picture taken, because I just love taking it! He is so adorable!! The top picture, see his arm? He always seems to have his left arm up by his face, and his right arm stuck straight out to the side.
The second picture, doesn't he just look so cute?
Art says he looks like a stocking. I love him in the
little gowns and the white hat, even though the hat is a little big and tends to fall down over his face a lot!!

And then there are his feet! How can you not take a picture of his feet??
And the bottom one was taken this morning... on the camera it didn't have as much of a shadow. I think it's so great that I got him in an awake/ non fussy moment, and he is looking at me!! I love to look at his eyes.

Owen is a really *great* baby. He nurses like a champ-- all the time!! And he's actually been taking about 2 naps a day, where I can set him down in the bassinette and he stays asleep. Of course, I have to check on him every 5 minutes when he does that. He prefers to be held, by me. And I won't deny him that! How do you not hold a 5 day old baby when he wants you? I just love how he will cry when someone else is holding him, but then immediately calm down when I take him back. And how when he nurses he looks right into my eyes. Or he curls himself around me and falls fast asleep.
Everyone is loving Owen!! The kids constantly want to hold him. We've had lots of visitors. The dog is very interested. She doesn't pay much attention to Owen until he cries, and then she's right there to see what is the matter.

And of course, I haven't forgotten the other kids!!

Will is doing great. He spent last night at a lock-in at the bowling alley. Bowling and eating and games all night long- just up his alley. I can't wait to hear about it.

Speaking of bowling, Colby bowled a *97* on Saturday. They even announced his name because that is such a good score!!

And Samantha spent the weekend babysitting and then hanging with Grammy at an apple festival. They brought home apples-- so I plan on making some apple muffins today and maybe, just maybe, another apple kuchen!! They also brought cider donuts but they were gone right away.

Art spent a lot of the weekend chopping wood, so hopefully we'll have enough for the woodstove. Thankfully it's not too cold yet. I'm hoping it stays nice for a while, I'd really like to take Owen for some walks when I'm up to it. My sister gave me a great stroller and I can't wait to use it!!

...well...I'm off to enjoy my little guy!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Owen is here!!!!

Owen is here!!
Owen was born at 12:57 PM on October 8, 2008.

I started having contractions around 1:30 am and they got very regular. At 4 am, they started being 10 minutes apart. And with a 4th baby, that means time to go to the hospital. But seeing as he IS the 4th baby... I jumped online to post that I was going in, and Art shaved his head!! No urgency for us I guess!!

We got to the hospital, and when they checked me I was only 2-3 cm, which I was the day before. But they said the sac of water was bulging and were pretty sure Marcy (my midwife)
would break the water when she got there. And she did- about 2 hours later, and by then I was 5 cm, but during the contraction she needed to break the water, I went to almost 7! It was pretty quick all in, but terribly painful. I had very intense contractions even at home. But even by the end, they were coming only about 12-15 minutes apart.
Around 12:30 they got so intense, I was about to give up. I was just barely 8 cm at that point. I begged for an epidural (which they wouldn't give me...!) I wanted some pain medicine. But Marcy wanted me to have some pitocin instead, to get the contractions closer together to "move things along".
I reluctantly agreed (knowing it would make it more painful, of course!) but as soon as I signed the consent form and they went to put it on my IV, I had to push. And about 4 pushes later, he made his appearance!
It was such a relief to have him finally born!!

I thought he would be so big, but when they put him on my belly I said "Wow! He's so small!" Not really-- he was 8 lbs. 3 oz. But he really does seem so small. And 21 inches long.

We only stayed in the hospital for the required 24 hours, and were home by 7 PM last night. The kids were very excited to have their brother home, but to their dismay, he slept in his carseat for almost 3 hours. (In the adorable striped outfit that Laurie gave me!!)

He is a great baby!! He doesn't cry much, only when he wants to nurse-- which is all the time!! His favorite thing to do is sleep and nurse at the same time. And I'm not going to deny him that! I just love to look down into his sweet little face.

I am SO SO happy to have this little guy. It was a rough pregnancy and a painful delivery, but worth every second.

Today Owen went to the dr. to be checked, and he is down to 7 lbs. 6 oz... which they are not at all concerned about, but I'm thinking "no wonder he seems so small!" I'm used to big fat chunky babies!!

Welcome to the family, Owen Patrick!!
We love you!!