Thursday, April 12, 2007

What happened to Spring?

It seemed like spring the other day... a nice sunshine day... we went for a walk... the fresh air was so nice! Then we woke up today to snow. It's been snowing and sleeting all day. It's only sticking a little, but it sure is icy. And cold. And slushy and muddy. Man! What happened to Spring?? Where did the sun go? I really hope my tulips don't die.
Colby had a Fun Day with Grandpa today, so it was just me and Sami and Will for about 4 hours. I was able to finish up my Designer's Challenge for Scraptown (see my gallery at and get it uploaded. I'm very happy with the result!
I'm not sure what the plan is for tonight. I'm going to use some leftover ham for dinner. And I'll most definitely watch Grey's Anatomy. But other than that, there are no plans. Can't go outside, and I don't want to drive....
Have a great day! Let's all close our eyes and think *real hard* and hope for Spring to come back SOON!!

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