Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easy Day

This is a family picture that was taken on Easter. Colby, Grandma Lorna, Daddy, Will in front, Grandpa Bill, me leaning on the couch, and Samantha laying on the top.

Today was an easy day. Samantha and Will made it to Virginia!! I've gotten 3 phone calls and 1 email. It was raining in Virginia but stopped when they got there. Yeah!!! They are excited because they get to sleep on bunk beds.
Colby spent the night last night at Amy's... so no Colby here today. I went and did a "Power Sculpting" class at the YMCA. OUCH!!! OMG, it was a workout. But I'm glad I did it, I really need to lose weight and tone up.
I have Nick here and he is sleeping. Braelyn is here too, and we have been playing Disney DVD Bingo... she is so adorable with that game! She gets excited waiting to see which square is called next... and then gets super excited when one of her's is picked! She is the best! Reminds me why I love 3 year olds!!!!
Tonight I really want to bring the puppy for a walk because they're forcasting SNOW tonight. Aww man!!!

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Gina said...

SNOW!!!! NOO!!!!!!