Friday, June 29, 2007

Woh Nellie!

So, I chose that title because there is a lot going on around me. And I don't just mean literally, although that's true too!!!

It has been "summer" for one week now. There have been at least 7 kids here every day, sometimes more. We set up a pool on Sunday and thank goodness we did because the last couple of days have been in the 90s and extremely hot. Today is 70s, actually feels kinda cool.
As you can see in the picture, the pool is down near the pond. You can see the geese in the background. There are 2 families living there this year. And about 7 "babies" are left although they're growing quickly. The love to just sit at the edge of the pond. They hiss at us when we get too close but they stay to themselves.
And Colby lost a tooth today! A top tooth! I will post a pic as soon as I get a good one-- he is so goofy lately that he makes all sorts of funny faces when you point the camera at him.
Will got his bottom expander removed today. He has to get a retainer next week. And Samantha has an appt. Monday to start her ortho stuff. Man... we should buy stock in the place!
Tae Kwon Do has been going well. The boys have been going 3X/ week and they enjoy it. Will is very loud (I'm not surprised) and they both are learning the moves very quickly. I especially love the respect it's teaching them.
Have a great day! Scraptown gals, PLEASE keep in touch!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lots of info!!!

Wow! It has been so busy around here! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted on this blog. I don't even know where to start.... And so... I will go in order.
Last weekend I took my Girl Scouts to Camp Is Sho Dad for the night. We slept in the covered wagons, which was a blast! You can see how fun they are by the way they posed in the picture! Samantha also had softball that weekend. Her team made it all the way to the championships and then lost. But they are still 2nd place overall! Wow! We are very proud of her! What an accomplishment!
And then on Monday June 18th, my new little baby brother Kaden was born. Samantha and I got to go see him in the hospital, he wasn't even a whole day old yet. He is tiny (almost 8 pounds) and has a lot of black, silky hair. He is so soft and sweet. The kids think it's cool that they have a new uncle :)
And on Wednesday, Samantha cut her hair (11 inches) and donated it to the Locks of Love foundation. Her hair looks so beautiful! We're proud of her for choosing to do something so worthy with her hair.
The boys also started Tae Kwon Do this week. They love it! And they look simply adorable in their little uniforms!
And today school is over. Boy they grow WAY too fast.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 Part 9

Question #9. What superhero powers would you like to have?
Now this is a fun question!! I think I would love to be able to detect a lie-- just from my kids, or when it matters. It's so hard to know who's telling the truth when they do something that I don't see. So I'd like to be able to tell who it is.
I'd also like to be like Supermom, and having ultra cleaning powers! To just be able to *wink* and the room is clean! Ahh, that would be Heaven!! That would be even better than the lie detector!
And last, I'd like to have the power to make things appear. I could make a toy appear if I want to get it for my kid for Christmas, could make a cooked turkey appear for Thanksgiving, a new truck for DH, a special sheet of scrapbooking paper I want! Oh, the list could go on and on!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part # 7

Question #8. What is something you'd like to do that you're not allowed?
This is a funny question... because I feel like there isn't really anything I'm not "allowed" to do. The only things I can think of are things I wouldn't want to do anyways, like take illegal drugs, live as a polygamist, or things like that!

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 7

Question #7. If you had an extra day each month that no one else had, what would you do with it?
If I had an extra day that no one else had... I would use it to get things done that I normally can't. I would assume that it was just *me* on this secret babysitting, no extra-curricular activities, nothing. I would clean the house and make it spotless, because that's such a great feeling and so hard to do with all the kids running around taking stuff out again. I would catch up on paperwork and organize. That would be nice!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 Part 6

Question #6. What are three things you need in order to be happy?
Three things I need to be happy... what an interesting question. I've thought and thought about this and this is what I've come up with:
1. My family. This includes my husband and my children. My husband is my rock. He is the one I rely on, and fall back on. He helps to lift me up when I am down, he cheers me up and keeps me laughing. He loves me like no other and I NEED that. And my children, they complete my life. I can't imagine not having them... and I am scared for the day they leave our home. I love being a mom, and taking care of my kids, and being needed by them. They make me happy!!
2. I can honestly say "scrapbooking" too. I love to take pictures of my family and I love to preserve them in scrapbooks. But I also love the "friends" aspect of scrapping... I love to scrap in groups, and get together, and catch up with people that you lose touch with for one reason or another.
3. Which brings me to #3... FRIENDS. I really need my friends to stay happy. Yes, they say you shouldn't need other people to make you happy... but I do. I need to know there are people out there who are thinking about me, wondering about me. Just having someone call to say hi can make my day. My friends are my other "rocks" and I really love that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 5

Question #5. What is something you feel too young to do?
I can honestly say that I really feel too young to be a mom, especially a mom of a ten year old!! In my mind I am young... and I know technically I am seeing as I'm not yet 30. But I feel young, and sometimes immature and inexperienced. It's a bit scary having this thinking person who is growing so fast and is not so easily molded anymore!! Babies are so easy... but these older kids, they're tough!! And I just feel way to young to be dealing with all of the issues that come along with my pre-teen.
Sometimes I also feel like I'm too young to be living the life I'm living. I'm happily married, with three children, a house, pets, bills, etc. I'm a stay-at-home mom by choice. I know a lot of people who aren't yet married, don't have kids, don't have a house... and it's just so odd to me. I feel like I should be living their lives... renting an appt, dating, going out... considering we're about the same age. But it's okay because I chose this life and really wouldn't want it to any different.
Oh yeah, and I'm WAY TOO YOUNG to have gray hair!!! That is really awful. A mean trick for God to play on me. I've had gray hairs for years now... but just last year it's gotten to the point where I have to color my hair to hide it... and it comes back pretty quickly. What gives? Like I said, I'm not even 30!!!!
*************************************************** has been a good day! It was Children's Day at church... the kids were so cute! It's fun to see them. Will is such a ham... loves to be the center of attention and loves to sing!! Sam stays in the background and Colby does not enjoy it AT ALL!! He'd rather do anything else than have to perform in front of people!!
Speaking of performing in front of people, Samantha auditioned for a local play of High School Musical last Wednesday and she was offered the part of a "cheerleader". Which is pretty funny because she will be juggling cheerleading practice with play practice! But she is very excited and accepted the part. The play is in September.
Samantha and I saw "Surf's Up" today with a friend of her's for a birthday party. It's a cute movie. Although, really, I was annoyed with it. It's a kid's movie... animated. And one part says "This place sucks" right into the camera (I HATE that word!) and another says "What a piece of crap!" (another word I hate). I know Samantha has heard it before, even though she's not allowed to say it...but I wouldn't want my little boys to see it.
Samantha had a softball game today... was rained out in the first 20 minutes. But there was some excitement-- a woman was bit by a dog and that woman happened to be Sam's teacher's assistant in her class. She was okay.
The boys also had a party today-- a water party. Too bad it was 69 and overcast. But that was good for Art because he spend the afternoon finishing putting our shed together. It will be so nice to get all of the kids' toys out of the garage!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 4

Question #4. What are the secrets to a longer, healthier life?
I wish I knew!! I can only guess... but my guess is moderation. Everything in moderation. I don't think anything is really *bad* for you... (well, there are some things of course!) but I think whatever you do, you should do in moderation. And whatever you eat, if you don't eat it all the time, it's okay.
Except scrapbooking!! You can do that a lot!!! I don't know if you'll live longer or healthier, but you'll be happier!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 3

Question #3
3. What three wishes would you ask of a genie in a bottle?
*I would wish for my house to be completed-- new siding, new windows, new kitchen, deck, pool, everything we would like to get done. I would just want it to be *poof* done. That would be so nice!!
* I would wish for money in the bank, to secure my children a college education. Enough for them to go to whatever school they choose.
* And I would wish for my husband to say, "Hon, I think I'm ready for another baby".

Things are going well here! Today is my dad's birthday- Happy Birthday Day! And I finally met Becky, his girlfriend, the other night. And her daughter Brittany. Becky is 9 months pregnant with my little brother Kaden. I can't believe he will be here soon. I can't wait to see him!!
Samantha was supposed to have a softball game tonight but it was cancelled.
She also auditioned for a play on Wednesday night... she's supposed to find out this day, or this weekend, if she got a part or not. She's nervous, but luckily she's very busy with other things so she doesn't have to think about it. I, on the other hand, keep checking my email because that's how they are supposed to contact us!
Went to the YMCA this morning, that felt good! Then I went and got Art his Father's Day gift and some other misc. things. How do you stop in at Target to get one tee shirt that costs $4 and end up spending over $50?? And that wasn't where I got Art's gift!!!
Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dutch Apple Cruise

Today I went with Colby on his "Kindergarten Cruise". Every year the kindergarteners take their big end-of-the-year field trip as a ride on the Dutch Apple Cruise in Albany, which goes up and down the Hudson River. I was NOT prepared for it to be so *cold*!! As you can see in the pictures, Colby had on shorts and a sweatshirt. I had on capris. Most people wore jeans and jackets!! It was cold and windy, and being on the water on a boat makes it even colder!! My hair was blowing every where. But it was fun! It was so nice to spend the time with just Colby, even though I gave him some M&Ms and he was running all over the place!! But I was able to see him interact with his friends... (and chase a little girl all over the boat!)... and we got to cuddle because it was so cold. I got some cute pictures too, which is always a bonus for a scrapbooker!! Ha ha ha. We got lots of fresh air today... and you can totally tell...Colby is so tired and miserable. He's adorable, but miserable. In fact, he yelled to me "I am NOT in a bad mood!" while crying. ")

I cannot believe Colby is almost done with kindergarten. I've gone on my last Kindergarten Cruise. Wow.

Blog Builder Challenge #6 part 2

Another question from

2. If you could own the world's largest collection of anything, what would it be?
Ha first answer to this was MONEY!! If I had the world's largest collection of money, I'd be the richest person ever!!! But then, really, what would I do that? I'd just like enough money to be comfortable and have the things I want and not have to worry about. Of course, if I had that much money, I would live happily and donate a lot!!
But on another note, I would love to have the most DICE in the world! I collect dice. I have this little plastic container of dice. It have teeny tiny dice, and hundred-sided dice, dice earrings, dice keychains, all sort of dice. Colored, wooden, game, even cow dice! There is something about dice that I find very cool! I would love to have the biggest collection of dice ever, because maybe then I could show it off and maybe make money off of my collection? And if I had the most, I would have really cool dice!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blog Builder Challenge # 6

Challenge posted on
(There are 10 questions, we have to post/answer one each day)
#1. What age woul you like to be for the rest of your life?
I thought about this, and right away I said 23... that's because when I was 23, Samantha was 4, Will was 2 and Colby was a baby. That was such a fun time. No one was in school, they were little and cute, I had a baby to take care of!! I loved those ages. Plus, I was young. I looked and felt young.
Every age has its advatages and disadvantages... but this one seemed to have the BEST advantages!! My precious babies!!

The sun is finally shining today! It has rained for the last 2 days. Samantha's softball games have been cancelled, and we have been stuck inside.
I love seeing the sun shine! It's not hot- yet- but it won't be long!
There are less than 3 weeks left of school. I don't know if that makes me happy or sad. Of course, I'm happy because the kids will be home all day. I miss them when they are at school, and I love to have them home. However, it's definitely true that they are bored when they're home... it's hard to keep them happy and occupied! Plus I will have the extra babysitting kids this summer too. Oh well... 3 weeks and counting.
Tonight Samantha is having her Spring Concert. She has been singing these songs for weeks so it will be nice to see them come together! She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice.
And some news that we got last Friday: Will has been officially diagnosed with ADHD. Now to decide where to go from here....

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Almost summer now!!!

Ha ha! I love these pictures of Colby! I said "smile" and this is what I got! His Superhero poses! He's all wet because he was swimming in our neighbor's pool. All three of them were. Yesterday's temp got up to 90 and the humidity was outrageous!! It finally rained a little bit last night.. we were expecting a thunderstorm but it never quite came.

We set up the sprinkler and the slip n slide. Shea loves the water!! Art left the hose in the backyard a little too close to her... she dragged it over and chewed a hole in it. Oops. We knew she felt bad because whenever Art would go near her, she sat right down and tucked in her tail, shaking. Poor puppy!!!

Art and I started setting up a shed yesterday! It was so much fun! Just the two of us. We got a bit done, but had to stop on account of the thunder.

Soccer for Colby is going well...he had a mini-tournement yesterday morning. Samantha is still going strong with softball... her hitting is getting better and she can really throw the ball!! And Will is still loving bowling... He's fun to watch!