Thursday, April 19, 2007

Better today...!

How can you not smile looking at these pictures?? Today the three kids had a BALL playing the bathroom sink! Honestly, if I hadn't stopped them they would have "washed their hands" all afternoon!
I love the picture of Avi holding Nick's hand... it is so sweet. And then Nick's smile... how can you not think that is the cutest? He was so happy in the water. He kept saying "more! more!" and wanted me to put soap on his hands, just so he could wash it off. Avi liked being in control of the water, and drinking it. And of course De had to get in on the action too!!
So... met with Will's teacher today. And the principal. And the social worker. And about 5 other people who met and talked about what we will do about Will. Seems he is falling behind, has a really hard time concentrating, can hardly focus most of the time. I'm so worried about him. But he started a homework club this week, which is great because it was such a struggle to get his homework done. He also is going to join a social group... something about feelings. He could use it. And he might start getting reading/comprehension help. He needs that too. All these things!! He is seeing his regular pediatrician next week so we'll see what she says about it, too.
Colby had his first soccer practice today! He loved it!! It was so cool to see him play. He looks so little! And then Samantha had softball... it was warm when it started and then got SO COLD by the time it was over. And then we went to Friendly's for dinner. Not too good for my points... but I've done SO good this week... I'll just have to do extra good tomorrow and hope for the best.
Well, bed is calling my name.

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Katrina said...

Aren't they wonderful at the age. It's interesting how children just gravitate to water like that.