Thursday, March 29, 2007

My poor little guy is siiiick

So yesterday my little guy Colby (5) did not want to go to school. His reasoning was "my tooth is loose". When I told him that wasn't a reason to stay home, he said his forehead hurt. He had been coughing a little, so I gave him some cold medicine and sent him on his way. Well, don't you know he came off the bus with a temp of 102. He had a temp all last night and still has a low grade one today. He's also coughing and raspy. Poor little buddy!! He slept in my arms all night long (kept me nice and warm, ha ha) and now he's just walking around in his favorite red blanker... wearing it like a cape!
I've got a nice full house this morning... but they're being pretty good! Two of them came an hour and a half late, so that was a little nice! I was able to get the living room nice and clean. Not sure what I bother, considering that is where they play! But at least now the floor is swept and there's nothing for the baby to put in her mouth.
I did however find one of Avi's binkies in the couch... and she's gone without it for about 3 weeks now. That was a little set back... she put it right in her mouth and did not want to give it up! She followed me for about ten minutes asking where I put it... but hasn't asked since. Phew!
My kids have Lip Sync practice today... the show is this Saturday. Seems like we've been practicing for ages! Not sure if Colby will be able to make it...
And then I have a meeting for softball tonight. Not sure what there is "new" to know but at least we'll get to meet Samantha's coach.
Happy Thursday! Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! :)

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Paxil Princess said...

Poor lil guy. I hope he feels better soon!