Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Came! Merry Christmas 2009!

Hmmm.... seems like the kids were better than I thought, at least according to Santa. I wouldn't have been surprised if there was just 1 present beneath the tree, and stockings full of coal. But to my surprise, there were many presents under the tree, and stockings filled with goodies!
The boys were ultra-excited. They woke me up at 3...and then 4...and then 5... and finally at 6 and we get up around 6:30 and let them open the gifts. Daddy wasn't feeling well and was very tired so it was tough getting him out of bed.
Big news of the day- Samantha got a cell phone! She's only been wanting one for- EVER!! She was very happily surprised!
Will got some neat gifts, a chef hat with his name on it, some spices, and a new guitar hero.
Colby got his very own CD player and his favorite- the Stars Wars DVDs he's been wanting!
Owen got a cute riding toy. And he's crazy, he's already figured out how to stand on it and let go of his hands. I swear this child has no fear.
Mommy and Daddy were good too!! Daddy got the last season of 24 and a new DVD player. Mommy got a stadium seat, which I've been wanting for a long long time!
We have been watching 24 every night too :)

Christmas Eve at Grammy's was fun too. It was hard to get a couch picture this year, but I like the one I got.

Our tree is already taken down and we're trying to 'get back to normal'. But what IS normal? I'm also trying to do some deep- cleaning because I lost my camera battery charger. I lost it sometime before Christmas, so I've been taking minimal photos. I need to find it because I really don't want to have to buy a new one.

Samantha is in Kentucky with Colin and crew. He is racing. I'm sure she'll come back with big muscles in her fingers from texting! Ha ha ha.

Almost time for 2010!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

YFC 2009

This past Saturday we drove to Newburgh, NY for the annual Young Family Christmas Party. We were about an hour late (hey, it's not easy getting 6 people out the door@!) but just in time for the picture, and the egg nog! Colby loves the egg nog, although he doesn't drink the 'real' eggnog, which is a bit altered, to say the least. ha ha.
Samantha was very excited to see Jessica and Beth! She spent most of the time with them.
Uncle Brian set up a tree for Will to hang his origami ornaments on and sell them. He made almost $300 from the party! WOW! thank you to everyone!!!
The food was delicious, of course. Especially the bowl of m&ms for me, and the goldfishies for Owen!! He kept walking into the kitchen area and helping himself to some. It was very cute!
This year there were 3 new little boys... Owen, because we missed last year, Cole who is 10 months old,and Nate who is just 2 months old. Cole and Nate sat still while Owen was all over the place. Next year will certainly be fun with 3 little toddler boys running around!
Santa came through and brought the kids awesome gifts. They were very happy.
It was a late night but well worth it. We loved seeing the family, especially Grandma Lorna.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finally, an update!!!!!

It's not my fault, really! Blogger has been giving me a lot of trouble when I try to uplaod pictures. But I've realized they load quickly in my bedroom, so I will do it there from now on!!

let's see... lots of updates since I haven't updated since the snake!

Thanksgiving was great. We went to Grammy and Djia djia's house. Mike, Renee and Leah were there too. Leah was absolutely adorable- laughing and smiling! owen loved her, a little too much in fact. I don't think she's used to being attacked by toddlers. :) The boys ate raviolis and then 'didn't have room' for turkey. silly boys!

trying to remember what picture i posted....

Sam is growing quickly lately. She's been going to sleepovers and movies with her friends, and having friends over just to hang out. It's nice to get to know her friends and watch them interact.
Basketball has started and she's on the CYO team and also the school modified team. the CYO team won their first game, 37 to 15!
She also made principal's list again this first quarter, yippee for her!! AND- she was student of the month for November!

Will also did great on his report card. He is a solid B, which makes us happy!
LieLie shed her skin, i know i posted a picture of that. It was cool to watch.
Will found a book he LOVES-- Diary of a Wimpy Kid. he bought it on a friday and had it finished in a couple of days! It is so awesome to see him reading a book, and not being able to keep his nose out of it! He says he can't wait for the next one.

Colby is doing well also. he has had quite the personality lately! He wore his pajamas inside out and backwards- two pairs- to try to get a snowday. It worked! We got lots of snow last week. all of the kids loved it.
We saw santa, he and i and owen... he asked for a snowboard. he got a nerf gun too, which he loves!

Owen loves the snow also, even though when he falls he can't get back up! The other day when the boys went out to do wood, Owen went and got his boots and gave them to Colby, because he wanted to go outside too! it was so cute, we just had to bring him outside.
owen already has spilled water on my laptop, which makes the P not work right. Also a few more keys, including the shift key, which is why some of my letters are not capitalized when they are supposed to be. I hate that but it's so time consuming to go back and keep switching them!
Owen also saw santa, and loved him! It was very cute.
He's been talking a lot lately, even though he only says "da, dee, di" and other forms of the letter D. He babbles right along though. He also points and it sounds this "dis" (this?) so I am constantly telling him what everything is.
He loves the picture of himself in the hallway. He kisses it!

Art has finally rented his house- happy day!
And we are almost ready for christmas. We have a house full of very excited children, and adults! I love Christmas!!! We put our tree up, and then it fell down, and then we put it upagain. :)

Hope you enjoy this update!