Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Chatter

Well...this morning I had to get 2 fillings in my mouth. Ouch. It really hurt! (...and I'm a big baby, which doesn't help). My mouth was numb all day... which made it extremely hard to eat!! I *had* to eat all the chocolate ice cream because it was soft... :*)
Babysat all day... the two girls weren't here for the past 10 days, and you could tell. Boy were they cranky. Ugh.
And after school, took the kids to the YMCA. I did another aerobics class and the kids played in the "prime time" child care. They had fun, but were very upset that we didn't go swimming. I'll keep that in mind next time..!
We played Color and Shape Bingo tonight... Will and Colby both got some good practice. Althought it gets hard for Will, being color blind. He mixes up the brown and the green and sometimes the red. It depends on the shade and the darkness. But we got two games in, made the kids happy and they didn't even realize they were learning at the same time!
Have a great night!

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