Thursday, April 26, 2007


I jinxed myself this morning. I told everyone I had *nothing* to do tonight and I was going to spend the evening doing paperwork for scouts, and swaps, and all that good stuff.
And then... went to Will's eye doctor appt. at 11 am. The school tested his eyes a few weeks ago and were concerned about his right eye. The doctor on Tuesday re-checked them, and she sent us to the eye doctor. It took two hours... but we found out that Will needs glasses. He is very near sighted. He's also color blind, but we knew that already!
So... of to WalMart we went, to "check out" the glasses. Will foudn very cool Nintendo ones, so we bought them. They won't be in for about a week. I can't wait to see him in them! They looked adorable in the store! And they're not at all "crazy" like I feared... you never know with Will!!
Dinner, of course, was pushed off. Which means the kids are just NOW getting to be, at almost 9 PM. I did get some scouts stuff done before we left, but now I need to work on the swap and watch Grey's Anatomy at the same time!!!
Have a great night! Look for glasses pictures soon!!

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