Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bye bye

Today, my mother and her boyfriend Wally are taking Samantha and Will on a vacation to Virginia. We are busily packing up. They are SO excited!! They've packed the DVD players and DVDs, Gameboys, books, papers, webkinz, pillows, chips, blankies...they're all set!! I've made them promise to write in a notebook everyday to tell me what they've done. And hopefully mom will take pictures!! I will miss my little guys so much-- a week is a long time! On the flipside though, me and Colby will get to spend some special quality time togther :) Not sure what exactly we'll do but we'll do something. I hope Virginia is warm... it just figures that this is a cold spell. Either way, I'm sure they'll find a way to have a blast! I just hope they can get along for a week or else it will drive Grammy and Wally insane (I know this firsthand!).

Bye bye, Samantha and Will... Mommy loves you!!! Have fun!

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