Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Day with Colby!

Today it was just me and Colby (no babysitting, and Sam and Will are still in Virginia)... So we had a fun day! Well, we started off at the YMCA
for my power sculpting class that I recently discovered. I was still wicked sore from going on Wednesday, but luckily she worked *different* muscles today. All I have to say about the class is OUCH. Colby got to play in the Prime Time, and he loved it! I can definitely see myself utilizing that feature a lot more in the future!!!
After that, we headed straight to CMOST... which stand for Children's Museum of Science and Technology. We met my friend Heather and her entourage of kids. Damaris is 6... she is the girl in the photo above with Colby. They had a lot of fun together, playing and exploring. It isn't a very big museum (and I'm happy to say, I had free coupons!) but it is fun. Colby's favorite part was the animals. The owl in the picture above is named Otis. They also had lots of fish, turtles, snakes, and some very cool hands-on gadgets. Colby and I even got to be on TV-- well, they had a thing set up where you can be a weather reporter and they play it back on the TV. Colby was too shy so I did all the talking!
After that, a quick stop at the insurance place, a quick run through Big Lots, and then back home with a very tired Colby. Who, by the way, bought a very cool $12 snake at the museum that he is loving.
It was a fun day... so nice to spend with my little guy alone. And so nice to see my friend Heather, who I don't get to see often.

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heatherb said...

Thanks so much for posting that picture..i love it and also Thanks for haning out with us it was so much fun...Also Damaris loves her snake too.