Thursday, November 29, 2007

Garbage Bag Princess!

Here is my beautiful Samantha, dressed up in a garbage bag!!
We went to a Garbage Bag Fashion Show with Girl Scouts last night. It was pretty cool! Each girl was partnered with another girl, was supposed to be someone they didn't know but Samantha was paired up with Caley, one of the pitchers on her softball team! Which was nice, really, because Samantha was a bit shy and hesitant.

They did great though! The outfit Samantha has on (top, bottom, and headband) was made by Caley. Most girls made dresses but of course Samantha can't be seen in anything "girly"!!
The girls were models on the runway, complete with spotlights. It was a really fun time!
And going to bed last night, I snapped a few pictures of Will. This is what he did at the last second, and I love the expression on his face! He is such a fun kid!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Going...

Well, we are in full-swing in the basement! I say we, but I really mean Art. He has been working really hard these past couple of weeks... every night... trying to get the basement done in time for Christmas.
It's hard to "see" it in the above picture... but the thing in the back on the right is the bar... or what is going to be the bar. Art has big plans for that!
Under the stairs are two black "boxes" is to hold the TV/playstations, etc. The other smaller one is to hold our slot machine.

And here he is painting. It's hard to tell, but the color is like a dark grey. It looks almost purplish when you walk down the stairs. But we like it!
Now he is starting to work on the tile. Can you say "sticker shock"?? I had no idea it would cost so much! And we still have to get the carpet!! It will be SO worth it when it is finished though.
I have visions of watching TV down there, with the woodstove on!! I can't wait!!
Well, I'm off-- going to a Garbage Bag Fashion Show with Samantha and the Girl Scouts. I'm looking forward to a really fun time!

Monday, November 26, 2007

It's been a while!

Well, I haven't been able to update this blog in a while, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!!
I cannot believe it's already the end of Novemeber... Christmas is right around the corner! Wow!
We celebrated Thanksgiving on the 17th with my mom and Wally. The cousins had a fun time getting together! Colin brought over "Guitar Hero" and the kids had a clast with that. Samantha is a natural!
Will gave Colby a mohawk just for the occassion (with gel). What handsome boys!

Here are some animals pics.
This is my cat Destiny. She is the most beautiful cat ever! I miss her being around, but she is very happy at my mom's house.
And if you look closely in Sam's hands, you will see the newest animal in our house- Blueberry the Dwarf hamster. She is tiny! And she makes these sweet little "peeping" noises. :)
The boys are also officially now ORANGE BELTS in tae kwon do! And so we now are the proud owners of sparring gear... which of course they broke out and used on eachother. They are so excited that they have permission to punch and kick eachother!
And in basement news... it is coming along! Art has been working on the basement since he stopped working on the siding. When we moved into this house, the walls in the basement were all moldy. We tore those down, but haven't really don't much since. Also the floors flooded a lot. Art was able to fix that problem by building a trench. And now there are walls down there, and they are primed! He is so handy!! Today he is going to see about ordering tile and carpet. We might even start painting! Our goal is to have the Christmas tree down there... we'll see! Now that that is in writing we have to stick with it, right?!
Happy Monday! 29 days.....!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Way to go, Will!!!

Will had bowling this morning.
Last week we paid $7 so that his score would try and pre-qualify him for a tournement that is being held at our bowling alley. When we got there this morning, we saw that he was in 31st place (with about 50 people trying). Since they only take the top 7, we had the option to try again today. We did, and guess what? HE MADE IT!! We don't know what place he ended up, but it must be the top 7, or close to it!!! We are SO proud of him!
Now, the day after Thanksgiving, he has to go to another bowling alley and try again. If he does good there, and goes on, then he would be in the tournement, and it would be on TV!!! WOW!!!

Way to go, Will!
He is really coming along with bowling. It's great for him. He's improved so much since he started, and he loves it!!!

PLEASE think of him on Friday morning. I'll be shopping, but I'll be wishing him luck too!! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007


Some Leahon updates:

Tonight was the Science Fair at CES. Both boys did projects with their Cub Scouts troops. Unfortunately, right around dinner time, Colby started feeling sick. He had a small temp (99) and said his throat hurt. We brought them all to the fair anyway, but he wouldn't let me put him down and so we only stayed about 45 minutes. We came home, Colby went right to sleep, and Will headed off to basketball practice (with his new ball- how exciting!) Samantha is waiting for a movie to come on.
And big news-- it was * snowing * at CES. Well, flurries. For about a minute. But still, it counts! It's cold enough, it may as well snow and make the cold worth it.
More news-- and I'm probably the only one who is excited by this!!... but... the oldies station (98.3) is playing *Christmas Music * already!! I just love Christmas music! Art won't let me listen to it in the house until after Thanksgiving, but I can still listen to it in the car!!
Kids got their report cards today. Samantha did excellent!! 100s and high 90s... who is surprised??? She did get one "C" which she is upset about. But it was on an assignment, not a real quarterly grade ;)
And Will...boy, we are SO proud of him! His report card was all 3s and 4s!! (4s are the highest). Compared to last year, it is a huge improvement!! We couldn't be happier.
Colby did great too. His report card was lots of good grades too, and lots of nice comments.
We are very proud of them!!!
Well, off to watch "House Hunters" and munch on my Nestle milk chocolate chips!!!!! Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I think I fixed it!

Thanks to Jay, I *think* my computer is on the mend!! He installed some anti-virus software and anti-spyware software. I've used them to scan the computer and cleaned it up pretty good. My computer is working much better today so I'm really hoping it did its job and everything is well now. :)
I will update this blog with some pictures as soon as I can. It was recommended that I take off all the pictures I have on here before I add new ones. So I am off to do that now.
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boo Hoo

Our computer is sick :( It has some sort of virus. We are working on getting it fixed (Jay is helping me, but this seems to be a stubborn one).... Anyhoo, that is why I haven't been posting in a while.
We are all fine and well and busy as ever. I will update as soon as I can.
Think of us and hope the virus goes away!!!