Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Run!

Saturday was Opening Day for Samantha's Rec Softball Team. She had a parade at 8 am and then their first game at 4 pm. It was a great game. Samantha hit a HOME RUN!!! This picture was taken by her coach, just as she hit the home run. Amazing!! Way to go Sam!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Owen got his first haircut yesterday!

I didn't really want to get his hair cut because I love, love, loved his curls. But everywhere we went, people would ask 'how old is she?', 'what's her name?' and comment on my pretty little girl. I couldn't take it anymore! So off to the barbershop we went. He was a good sport, sat still the whole time, never cried. He wanted a few hugs from Mommy during the process and I was happy oblige. It's weird how I walked into there with a baby and came out with a little boy. He really does look like a little boy now.
Softball has begun and yesterday was Samantha's second game for her school's modified team. It was a great game! In one of the pictures you can see Sam slid into third base... from our point of view of course she was safe but she was called out. Ugh. The coach tried to fight that the third baseman was blocking the base but the ump wouldn't listen. Oy. The game went into an extra inning but they lost by one.
Two proud moments for us: Will is STUDENT OF THE MONTH for April in technology class! We are so happy for him, as this is a first. I'm not surprised that it is for technology because it is his favorite class. He stayed after school often to work with the teacher, and was so far ahead in his work that he was able to build a cool robot! I love that he loves the class and has found something else he excels in.
And, Samantha was asked to played for the NIGHTMARE softball team, and also the EG Travel Team. We turned down both, as we already told her that playing for two teams was enough. But it's cool that she was asked.
Colby is in a bit of trouble and has had most of the contents of his room taken out again. But on a positive note, it looks so nice that's I'm seriously wanting to declutter our whole house!
Not much else to report, just business as usual.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


There a two different sets of bunny pictures here. First there are photos of Nellie and Colby with Nellie's black and white bunny named Cookie. First it was named Horsey but she changed it!! This bunny is so soft and cuddly and lovable. Nellie carries it around in a little cloth bag and brings it everywhere. It loves to be held. Colby sure liked it too!
The other bunny pictures are little bunnies Shea found last night in the pit. She had them in her mouth, so Art brought them home. We weren't sure what to do with them so we checked online and it said to put them back. So we ended up putting them back, although one was already dead and the other was dying also. The third hopped right away. These bunnies were so tiny and adorable. The one was trying to nurse and it was neat to watch. Will fell in love with the 'good' one and didn't want to put it back.
This morning he went back to check on them and the two were dead, with blood on them so we know an animal must have gotten them.

Yesterday was the end of year bowling ceremony! Colby and Evan's team came in 2nd place overall!! Both boys ended up with trophies, pins and patches. We also got to have a quick lunch before we rushed off to Will's P2P meeting. And then last night Art and I were able to go out- just the two of us! We went to dinner with another couple, our neighbors, and then ended up at some new arcade playing games. We had a blast!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We survived Easter!

Here we are! We're still here! I've wanted to update this blog many many times but I just have been swamped. I don't know why I take on so many things, but I do!
One thing I've been working on obviously is Will's trip to Australia. It's coming quickly-- gah!! Check out my other blog to see how we're coming. http://willswalkabout.blogspot.com/
Otherwise we are doing good.
Samantha is playing softball now, for both her rec team and her modified team. I spoke with her modified coach yesterday and she had nothing but good things to say about Sam. It's always nice to hear someone compliment your kid!! And we knew it would happen, but we got an email asking Sam to consider playing for the travel team too.
Samantha is really getting into clogging, too. In fact right now she is away with my mom in Buffalo at a clogging convention! I'm so happy for her. She will have so much fun!
Will is doing great. Bowling is over right now, there end-of-the-year party is tomorrow. He is signed up to do a summer league too and is eager to get that started. He misses bowling when it's over. Will also has discovered a class in school he loves- tech! I'm glad. It seems like something that would be in his genes, Art is very much like that.
Colby is good too. Same with bowling as Will. Not much else to report with him.
Owen is good too. 18 months old now. Cry cry. We have discovered he loves slides at the playground!! And he loves balls. He says BALL now. Also BOOT. And GET DOWN.
Enjoy the pictures!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

All about Sam today!

Thought I would post some pictures today of my beautiful girl! She got her braces off and she is just gorgeous.