Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost the end of January?

My, doesn't time fly?
We are one big busy family, so updatiing this blog isn't always easy! However, I made it a priority this morning because I wanted to share these pictures!
Sometimes I think it's unfair that there are so many pictures of Owen... but then again, he *is* the baby... and the older kids aren't exactly cooperative when you ask them to pose and smile.
I posted a couple of mischevious pictures of Owen. One day he got into the baby powder and flung it all over. And another he wrote on his hand, and was mighty proud of himself I might add! And how about that picture of him smiling? He has such a cute grin, and such a fun personality! He doesn't like to sit for pictures but if I catch him at the right time...
There is also a picture of him stacking blocks, one of his new talents!
Speaking of new talents, Owen knows a few more signs now. He can do 'eat' and 'play' and 'shoes'. But no real talking yet.
This past weekend was the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. I am pleased to announce that Will came in first place in his division, and Colby came in second place in his!! This is Will's last Pinewood derby (he will be a Boy Scout soon) so we were happy he won.
We also went bowling, of course, and I took a picture of Colby and his friend Evan in their snazzy bowling shirts!
Oh yeah, there is a picture of Owen sitting eating goldfish. I took him and Adrianna to Toddler Tales last week, and they sat at a picnic table for a snack. Made me realize how 'big' Owen is getting. I had to take a picture!
Samantha is loving her cell phone, she is never without it. I'm not really sure how you can text someone 50 times in one minute but she does. (I'm exaggerating a little big of course). Conversation with her is pretty much nill now, unless you take her phone away.
She is doing great at clogging, and Grammy is taking her to the annual clogging convention this year! How exciting! I remember those conventions fondly.
Will started guitar lessons yesterday with a local instructor. I hope he has fun and learns something. He's been so eager to take lessons.
Not much else to report I guess. Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday was no school, and gorgeous weather, so I took the boys outside for a little bit! A really little bit, because Owen's hands got cold and his boot fell off! But before that, he really had fun. Colby brought him sledding down the hill and Owen laughed and laughed! It was cute. Will didn't want to go sledding much. But they did stand on the sled and pretend to snowboard.
24 has begun!!!
Owen has been a silly man today... climbing on an over-turned basket and making silly faces. I HAD to take pictures of that! And oh yeah, he took off his pants. He always does that.
Over the weekend Will scored a 177 in bowling, his highest game yet! And he got 4 strikes in a row, so he got his cheese fries!!!
Owen is in a really happy mood- what happened to naps??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/13 update

No pictures, as I lost the charger to my camera battery and had to order a new one, so I haven't taken many pictures. I did get the new one but haven't had a chance to charge the battery.

Big update from yesterday: We ended up at the hospital with Samantha. She had been having pains since Sunday in her belly and I brought her to the dr. yesterday, who was concerned that it was either her appendix or an ovarian cyst. So we had to go to Albany Med and get her an ultrasound. Turns out it is neither of those, which is a good thing! We're thinking the pain is possibly a bruised muscle from her basketball game on Sunday when she was elbowed by an opponent. They did notice some enlarged lymph nodes though.

Her game on Sunday was awesome! She made the most rebounds, go Sam!!!
She had gone camping with her Girl Scout troop and came home Sunday just in time for her game. So she's tired out also.
On Friday night Art and Colby went to a high school volleyball game with the Cub Scouts. Will and I stayed home. He babysat while I worked on a scrapbook. It was too easy for him, Owen fell right asleep!!!
On Saturday the boys bowled and then we went to Will's meeting for his Australia trip. After that we stopped at Desiree's hoping to steal her for the night, but instead they kept the boys! Art and I didn't know what to do, so we went out to dinner at a little cafe we like. I was really craving waffles, and even though they did breakfast all day, they didn't do waffles all day. What a let down!!

We finished 24, so we're ready for the new season this Sunday!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 and snow!

Happy New Year! 2010 is going to be a great year, I can sense it already!
We had a simple New Year's celebration this year... our friends the Finks came over and we played various board games. It was so much fun! The only one who wasn't awake at midnight was Owen.
We've been skating on the pond already. We had to buy Will new skates again, his feet great a few sizes last year! Luckily Colby got the hand-me-downs, and Sam still fit her's. Friday was beautiful weather. Sam had some friends over, Art got out the quad, and we all had a blast!! We had so much fun that we coordinated a gathering on Saturday too! However, we weren't prepared for the FREEZING weather and the heavy winds. We had a fire going, but it was still too cold... a lot of kids ended up inside drinking hot cocoa.

Here's to 2010!