Saturday, August 14, 2010

La la la la

Tonight we tried something new. Art's work having a Family Night at the Fonda Speedway. They offered a barbeque, face painting, balloon artist, a band, pit passes, passes to the track... all for FREE!! I'm never one to give up something free, :) so we went. It was fun. We had never been to Fonda before. And the kids have actually never been to the races before. The boys loved it! Even Owen, who kept waving to the cars ever time they came around. Ha ha ha. But the best part was, my DAD was there! He showed up with Becky, totally out of the blue. They had just decided to go, had no idea we were there. We loved seeing them!! It was so nice because we never see them. Too bad Kaden and Zarek weren't with them.
Yesterday the kids spent the day at the bowling alley at a lock in. That was nice for me, tee hee. And afterwards we brought Owen for his second haircut. It was getting out of control, but now I'm regretting it because he looks like a different child. Like a little boy. Makes me all sorts of sad.
I hit a garage sale last weekend and bought Owen a great kitchen set and also a puppet theater! They are taking up lots of room in the living room right now, but we really like them. Owen especially loves to climb IN the kitchen. And the older kids like the puppets.
We also went to the Great Escape last weekend. The kids had fun. Except Owen, who had a slight fever. It was the perfect day to go there, not too hot but warm enough for the kids to enjoy the water park. It was a loooong day though.
We are in the midst of back to school shopping. The lists of necessities are long so we've been getting things here and there. Sam is almost done, she was wanting to buy her supplies as soon as the list came!!! Will doesn't really care and Colby does not want school to come!
Good night all! Sam wants the laptop and even though it's 10:30, we're headed out for a little walk.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Seems like I've really been slacking on this blog lately!! Maybe it's because we've been so busy? As you can see from all the pictures I've uploaded, we've been all over the place!
In July Will was in Australia (I posted a couple of his pictures...), and the rest of us were in Virginia. We also left the boys home to take Sam to Rhode Island for a (very hot) softball tournament. We camped out in Uncle Mike's backyard in our pop up. The kids and I saw Toy Story 3 in the theater, and we've been to a few playgrounds. Right now Sam is at Camp Fowler for the week and Will is at Boy Scout camp. Colby is in summer camp, this is the last week.
But don't be fooled, the house is not empty!!! There are a handful of children here every day no matter what!