Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday! Friday!

Another busy day in my life!! It started off with a doctor's appointment for me. Had to have my annual "exam". Waah. But I'm happy to say it went fine... my new doctor is SO NICE!! Makes me very comfortable, which is great. And then I had to have blood drawn. Anyone who knows me knows that I cry *very easily* and today was no exception. I absolutely hate needles... and I have very tiny veins. Put those together, and I get very upset when I have to have blood taken. Unfortunately, one nurse had to "search around" my one arm and got nothing. That's when the crying started! But luckily another nurse came in and found a vein quickly and painlessly. Cool!!!!
So... had a day to myself. I took a nice long walk with my neighbor. The sun was shining and it felt so good!! Plus I got to talk to an adult, that's always a bonus.
I didn't have much time to myself though because I had to pick the kids up early and bring them all to Samantha's check up. Ten years old. Doc says we should have the "period" talk soon. Man, I hate the thought of my little girl growing up!
Funny thing though... the boys were AWFUL until they found this book that showed pictures of your body, and what it looks like when you break a bone and stuff. They were in awe...we looked at every page... and then came the page of pregnancy. Will was like, "How do they get out of there?" so I pointed and he said "Ew, your butt?" So I said "No, they come out of the vagina"...and I really grossed him out! He was like, "Colby! We came out of mom's vagina!" and they both were a bit weirded out. And all night Colby had more questions. It was actually nice the way it came about and ended. I may have to get them a book on anatomy now!
Rushed Sam back home for a playday at school... and when Art brought her to softball practice, I took the boys to the Y. I did step aerobics. This instructor was tough! I didn't think I'd make it through. But I did! Yippee for me!
And then watched the boys swim for a while...and then back home! Whew!! Just another busy day in our house!!
Now I'm hoping to snuggle with the hubby and watch a back episode of 24. Have a great night!!

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So A"MUSE"D said...

Oh Tracy I feel for you I hate needles and I'm an easy crier too... Glad everything was okay though... Amy