Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Update

Today was Opening Day for Girl's Softball! It started off with a parade, which we had to be at by 7:30 in the morning (boo!) And thinking the weather was going to be as nice as it has been lately, we dressed accordingly... shorts and capris. Well, it was very chilly....and rainy! Grammy and Wally came to the parade and sat with us at LaBella's to watch. It was very hard to get a picture of Sam walking :(
At 10 she had her first game... so yes, we were at the field all that time! The parade actually went from 8 until 9 (taking into account all the talking and announcements they had to make)... and then since we were there, the girls practiced from 9-10.
The game was great... Sam made the first hit for her team (although she got out, but it was a great hit, unfortunately she hit it *right* to first base). And she also got to PITCH an inning! That was exciting! She's been practicing pitching but has never been able to actually do it. She was great! Got a couple of strike outs! And her coach commented that she was the best pitcher because she only threw 2 balls and lots of strikes!
Their team won!! 5-2! What a great first game!
AND-- the sun came out around the middle of the game, the rain went away and it was beautiful!
In other news... Art is at my brother's house right now helping him put in a hot water heater. It's really great for all of us that he is as handy as he is!!
And....remember Lie Lie the Gecko? Yesterday she laid an egg! I was quite surprised to find it there in her cage. I had to look it up on the internet (thank God for the internet!) but I found out that geckos do lay eggs regularly and that it was probably unfertilized. Oh well, it was neat to look at anyway! And my friend Raye told me that geckos don't usually lay eggs unless they are very comfortable... so that makes us feel good!
Also, Lie Lie is shedding. Pretty neat to watch! And our very own Samantha knows a lot about this from school, so she is our "expert"!!
Colby just informed me that our heron is back... that really pretty bird that lives on the island of the pond. He's watching it through binoculars... how cool is that?
Not much else going on. This beautiful weather has really got me in the mood for spring cleaning! The kids aren't too happy about it though!
Have a fun Saturday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We put up our trampoline!

We finally convinced Daddy to put up the trampoline, and we're so glad he did! Last week, with no school and high temps, was the perfect time to do it. The kids have been jumping on it every single day... including the cousins, the kids in the neighborhood, the babysitting kids, Daddy, and even Uncle Mike!
It only took Daddy a few hours to put it together (although it was held up for a whole day because the directions were wrong and he had to un do all of the springs and move them down about 5 notches! Ugh!), The boys helped a little.

The trampoline is great exercise! The kids love to jump. Will has taught himself to do a front flip... Sam has almost perfected it, and Colby is working on it.

In other news, the weather has been awesome! 70s and hot. The kids have gotten lots of outside time. We had to buy sunblock last week because Will and Art both got a sunburn.

We even got to have our first "barbeque"... Art made his yummy burgers and we had company over to share dinner and eat outside. The kids really love to eat outside!

Softball and tee ball are about to start... both have opening days and parades coming up! And both Samantha and Colby are PURPLE and they both hate that!!
Sam is doing great at softball, they even pulled her aside last practice and had her work on her pitching. Not sure if they'll actually use her or not though as they already have a couple of pitchers.
And Colby says tee ball is "fun" which is a big improvement over soccer, which he hated after the first practice!! He likes to run and hit the ball. He's the oldest kid on the team so he does really well.
I felt the baby move yesterday, and it felt like it went and did a little somersault!! What an awesome feeling that is! It's hard to believe that I am 16 weeks along already. We have set up an appointment for May 13th for the "big ultrasound"! All of the kids will be coming along to find out if they are getting a brother or a sister!

Enjoy your Earth Day!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Look at what Will got!! He got some money for his birthday, and he wanted a "lizard". We went to the pet store on Saturday and got this cool leopard Gecko. Will is calling her "Lie Lie" (because- he says- all she does is lie around!). She's a cool little pet. I didn't realize though that we had to also take care of crickets and then feed her crickets, ugh! But Will is enjoying his new pet and job and so all is cool. This morning he told me a cricket escaped in his room. Lovely!!!

On Saturday Will also had his bowling banquet. He got two trophies- the tall one is because his team came in 1st place during the 1st half of the season. And the smaller is for coming in 2nd place at the high-low competition.
He also got a bunch of patches for different scores, he got a perfect attendance award (with a $10 movie card!), a pin for beating the coach, and he also got a patch and pin for having the most improved average! That really surprised me because there are a few other kids on the team who have come a long way... I'm glad they recognized Will for that because he really has been doing so well.
It's weird that bowling is over. He is doing a summer league, it starts in June.

And look at these cute boys! They took their tae kwon do tests on Friday night and they both advanced to high green!! Congrats, guys! A funny thing happened, though. Parents have to fill out these sheets on their kids before the test. It asked questions like do they listen at home? have they improved? and the such. Well, Art filled them out so I didn't even know what he put. Well.... Master Pai called Colby up in front of everyone and asked him why doesn't he clean his room? And when Colby said his room wasn't clean, Master told him he had to go home and clean his room, and call him by 9 o'clock to tell him his room was clean!! And they also called Will up, asked him if does what his parents ask him the first time and he answered "sometimes" which made a lot of people chuckle.
Colby DID clean his room, and called Master Pai...


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Road Rash!

Colby tried taking the dog for a walk last Monday... but he dog ended up pulling Colby down the road...
Poor Colby has terrible road rash! Here are pictures that were taken on Monday... you can see on his face where it is around his eye, you can also see on his left arm where it is. It was such a big area on his arm! And he's left handed too, which made things a bit difficult because he was really babying his arm.
He also got road rash on his shoulder, his knuckles, his wrist and his knee.
Samantha was a great nurse, she brought him inside and started cleaning him up right away-- and trying to get him to laugh the whole time so he would stop crying. She's such a great big sister!

And yesterday both boys tested in tae kwon do and advanced to the next level- they are now "high green". Congrats, boys! They did sparring and I have to say, Will did really awesome! He was punching and kicking and actually knocked down his opponents a few times! go Will!!!

Well, we're off to a bowling banquet. So hard to believe bowling is totally done for the year. Perhaps Will will get a trophy????

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our weekend

We celebrated Will's birthday yesterday, April 6th. He had 6 friends over (12 kids all together) and we had a great party!! I got a woman to come and teach the kids some origami... so they painted, and did origami, and then we had an ice cream eating contest (no hands!) and cake. And then outside, so those boys could work off some energy!! It was really fun and Will had a great time!!

On Saturday, April 6, I had to bring Colby to the dr. bright and early because he was up for a few hours the night before with a high fever, sore throat, and headache. And yup, he had strep throat! I'm glad I brought him in when I did so he didn't miss the party, or make other kids sick!
Here is a great picture of Colby I took on Saturday. Does he look sick to you?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scrappin' Again! Finally!

I have been in such a rut, with being so sick for so long. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking, and I didn't even want to do that for over a month. Thank goodness I am back to feeling well, and thanks to Carla for some cool challenges! I just love these pictures of us from Halloween, and they worked really well with this sketch from Becky Higgins... and well, it was nice and quick but I love it and am so glad it's done! It's only from 6 months ago! Sheesh!


Just a little update, in case you want to know, I did NOT throw up yesterday!! And today I don't feel nauseas... yet. It usually doesn't kick in until the afternoon anyways. But I was able to get up and shower and hit the Y this morning for my dance aerobics class! It was so much fun! I really miss it and hope I can go every week from now on... for a while anyways.

And I added music to my blog! Just some of my favorite songs, in case you want to listen!