Sunday, April 29, 2007

And we're off!

What a busy Saturday we had this week!! All three kids had games-- Will had bowling, Colby had his first soccer game, and Samantha had her first softball game. We also had a Softball parade at 7 am, and I had to go to a Girl Scout training in the afternoon. We were constantly on the go! But everything got done and everyone did great!
Colby's first soccer game was so fun. Ooops- mommy forgot the shorts. But he didn't even notice, so that's good! He wasn't quite sure how to play the game, or what to do with the ball, which made it even more adorable!! He's so cute!!
Sam's softball game was great too. I missed half becuase of my training, and they lost. But she played awesome-- even got a great hit!!
And Will got one of his highest bowling scores yet- 83 :) He keeps getting better and better!!!

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