Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy early birthday to me!!!

I convinced Art to get me a Cricut for my birthday...and my good friend Amy had a raincheck for one at ACMoore for only $139 so we paid her for it and it's MINE!! Of course, I *had* to open it and try it out!!! And I did a layout already! (see above) I cut the title with the Cricut!! I also tried something new... I printed the black and white photos of Colby onto white cardstock and then colored the snow cones in with crayons!! I got the idea from egyptianmommy on Scraptown.com . I love it!
So, aside from playing with my new Cricut today...I babysat, and cleaned... and finished the taxes! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I didn't do that on purpose, it just ended up that way. But they're on their way to the IRS now so I can breathe!
Tonight seems like the last "nothing going on" day we have for a few days. Soccer, softball, scouts, dr. appts. and a bunch of school activities are coming up between tomorrow and Sunday!! Here we go!
Have a great night!

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