Friday, September 21, 2007

Two more FIRSTS for our family!

Colby is now a TIGER CUB SCOUT! He had his first meeting on Wednesday night. He is happy that he has lots of friends in his den. And Daddy is his Akela.
It is so cute to see him all dressed up like this!! He has Will's shirt on, which he practically is swimming in!! And I forgot to get him a new he is wearing a wolf one (oops). But he's got his book, and he's super excited, so that's really all that matters!
Now, all three of our children are Scouts :)

It's always fun to do something for the first time!!

Samantha was SO excited to start playing the SAXOPHONE! Thankfully, Art had a sax from when he was younger. So she is using that one for her lessons.

We got it cleaned tuned and Tuesday was the night it was picked up. So it was Samantha's first time to play it. And yesterday was her first lesson at school... now we get to hear "Hot Cross Buns" all the time :)


Amy said...

I have more pics of Colby for you, too! A really cute group shot. I'm glad to hear that was his slide because they all fell off and we couldn't figure out who was the wolf and I was trying to check my pictures to see who was wearing it at the beginning of the meeting LOL.
Congrats to Sam on starting sax!

Jenn said...

Colby looks so cute in his uniform. Hope Sam enjoys playing that sax, she looks great with it

bahama97 said...

How exciting for you all!

Katrina said...

That's wonderful that Colby is now a scout too.

I've always wanted to learn the sax, I just love the sound they make. I hope Sam has fun learning it.