Monday, September 17, 2007

Our busy weekend!

Samantha had her play this past weekend!!! She was in "High School Musical" and she had the role of a cheerleader. Here is her picture by the poster!!
Here is Samantha and two fellow cast-mates!! Can you tell who they are? The blonde on the left is Sharpay and the girl on the right is Gabriella!
And here is a picture of Samantha and Colby with the guy who played Ryan. He and Sharpay really stole the show! They were so good!!
The show was awesome! What a talented bunch of kids. The youngest were 10 (including Sam) and the oldest were in college, and two adults. Everyone was so good!! It was so fun to watch. The singing and dancing was awesome! And it was fun to see the kids sing along...and after the show, to see all the little kids want autographs! (including Colby!)
Sam had a great time and it was a great experience. I'm so glad we decided to do it!


Katrina said...

What wonderful photos. It's great that you let Sam act in the play.

Jenn said...

the house is looking awesome and so glad the play went well, I am sure thta is something she will always remember :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow Samantha looks so excited.. I'm glad her first play went so well.. I'm glad you mentioned that some of the "kids" were older.. I was looking at those pictures thinking High schoolers... no way!