Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Blog Prompt

Another from Jozzie.
Blog about a book you’re currently reading.
I am currently reading "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", book #6 in the series. I brought Samantha to a party on the night book #7 came out, and she read it in a few days. I got so into the "hype" surrounding the book that I decided to go ahead and read them myself. I had tried to read them years ago, but just never got into them. This time, I'm SO into them!! I bought book #1 in July, and now I'm half way through book #6. I actually think this is a much better way to read them, as I don't have to wait a year between books!
It's funny how this book is responsible for a lot of conversations. I bring my book to the Y to read before my aerobics class, and many people have stopped me to talk about the book.
I usually have it on me (I always have my nose in a book!) so people have chatted with me about it at Sam's play practice, in the school parking lot, at the ice cream parlor, in my front yard... it's neat because it's an ice breaker. Most people know who Harry Potter is, and almost everyone has an opinion about it or is eager to talk about it.
When I had just started book #1, I was at Sam's play pratice walking around outside, and I walked by a parked car and all of a sudden realized someone was sitting in it, and it startled me. Well, I looked and he was reading Harry Potter! #7 of course, so I gave a sheepish grin and showed him my book and he laughed!
These are really great books. I hope my boys decide to read them someday. They are so creative and fun.
I can't wait to get to #7!


Katrina said...

This is a series of books that I really must read. I haven't even seen a HP movie either so I know nothing about the series.

so A"MUSE"D said...

I can't wait till your done so we can talk about everything that's happened...

lam said...

Thanks for sharing, maby I should start reading it, my daughter has a couple of them.