Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another question...!

Blog about the last time you went shopping. What did you shop for?
I ran to Target last night with Samantha. We ran in after cheerleading. My reason for going in was to return a bedspread I had bought for Will but I decided I didn't like. And I was going to buy some scrapbooking adhesive.
I got a $20 refund for the bedspread....and then spend $55!! How did I do that? Let me tell you!... my little 10 year old has turned into a preteen who "needs" new clothes whenever we are shopping.
As soon as we walked in the door I heard "Let me look at the clothes!" and she picked out two shirts that she (and I) liked. That was $20 right there.
My new adhesive tool was $11, plus some scrap goodies.
A new lamp for Sam, M&Ms (to reward Nick when he goes potty), and some little odds and ends... and I spent $55.
Tonight is Parents' Night for K-1. I'm excited to meet Colby's teacher and hear about the room. He is in an inclusion class this year, and there are only 17 kids in his class! That means there is almost always at least 3 adults in the room... so the ratio is about 6:1. I love that! I'm really hoping Colby gains some confidence in his reading skills this year.
And I just realized about an hour ago that I forgot to give Will his medication this morning. I wonder if it is affecting him at school or not? He was so bad when I forgot to give it to him on Sunday...
Rain, rain, go away. It has been raining every day since Saturday. Today it's rained all morning and it's even been thundering. Unfortunately, Shea hates rain and hates thunder... and I think she didn't want to go outside and go potty and so instead she left me a "present" right on the kitchen floor while I was eating lunch. YUCK!! Shea felt bad, you could tell... she immediately sat on her tail with those big eyes... poot baby!!!


so A"MUSE"D said...

sounds like a good trip to Target... enjoy your night at the school.

Becky aka Domestic Goddess said...

You've been tagged!!!
Check my blog to see what to do next!!!

Katrina said...

I hope it has stopped raining by now.