Thursday, March 1, 2007

Busy Night tonight!!

Today is another day of babysitting. Just two today, so it's a bit easier. As long as I can keep the baby from crying (her favorite thing to do) it will be okay!

At 2:35 my boys will get off the school. By then these two will be gone, and I will have to put the boys right in the van and get to the middle school, where my daughter is in a volleyball tournement from 3-6. I don't think she'll be playing that whole time, but that's what we were told. At 6, my son Will has wrestling practice, at the high school (which is thankfully right next to the middle school!). And then at 7, Samantha has her wrestling practice. At some point in there, I need to bring Samantha to drop off some fundraising materials. And at 7, I'm supposed to meet with some parents to plan our kids' lip sync performance (a school show). Apparently, we won't be eating dinner tonight....!! Actually, there's a Jiff-e-Mart somewhat down the road that sells subs and burgers and such... that just might be dinner tonight! I'm so glad my husband will be able to help me out tonight!

And by the way, he never did get the black fabric paint yesterday. REFUSED to go to Wal Mart. I kinda thought he would, but I had to try! OH well, the shirts turned out great anyway. Oh, and that's another I need to do.. pick them up. We left them at the church to dry... a few girls went a little paint happy and put globs of paint on their shirts...

So hopefully tonight will go smoothly. I may complain about having to run around and be in so many places...but I can honestly say I LOVE it!! I love being "mom" and doing all the kid stuff.

Have a great first day of March!

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