Friday, March 2, 2007

Gotta Rant Tonight..

In my house we are all fans of American Idol. It's very exciting to watch, and wish, and sometimes even vote. The whole family gets into it. I even brought my daughter to see the tour last year!

Well, by now you probably know about the scandal surrounding 2007 Idol Antonella. Well, hubby right away thought Antonella was the prettiest girl on the show. Of course, he likes to hear them sing... but he's always got a comment about how the girls look. I don't mind really... I mean, I drooled over Chris Daughtry all last season!!

So anyways, after hearing about the rumored pictures of Antonella, I looked for them on the internet. I was quite surprised by what I saw, and couldn't wait to show hubby. We saw a few different photos, but the one that is so important to my rant is one of Antonella and a number of other girls, standing in a line pushed up against eachother, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. Mind you, these are all twenty-somethings and are quite pretty. Not even a second after looking at it hubby comments "what's up with THAT girl?" and I looked closer... the only thing I could tell was that her boobs were pretty big, like she was smooshing them up to look bigger or something. So... I said "What, her big boobs?" and he was like, "No, that big belly." WOH-- WHAT??? Okay, I admit, upon closer inspection this girl is a tad bigger than the other girls. But please! She is still a skinny minnie. At least, a lot skinnier than ME. And seeing as I'm trying hard to lose weight... it's very hard for me when hubby has nasty comments for skinny girls. He kept it up...saying he couldn't believe she would pose in a bikini and she's probably embarassed and blah blah blah. Well, I was so annoyed. It's this stupid attitude that is going to turn my 10 year old into an anorexic. It's this stupid attitude that is always going to make me feel huge and unattractive. Ugh.

Okay...rant over. I'll try and get over it. If you happen to find this picture on the internet, I'd love to know your thoughts. I think this particular girl is second from the left.


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