Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a BOY!

It's so weird to even think about all this... aaacckk!! But... my dad called tonight and said they had an ultrasound today and it confirmed that he and his girlfriend are having a BOY. His name is going to be Kaden Richard. He is due sometime in June. This is just weird, weird, weird. To think that my little brother is being born the year I turn 30. Samantha thinks it's very cool to have an uncle who is 10 years younger than she is!! She says someday she'll tell her friends "I have to go pick my uncle up from preschool!" :)
When my baby brother turns 18, I will be 47. What's worse-- when he turns 18, my dad will be 72 !!!!
This is such an odd situation though. I still have not met the baby's mother... my dad's girlfriend. I have this awful fear that they will split up and I will never get to see my brother. As it is now, I haven't seen my dad is so long... just a handful of times since last summer. It's tough... but it's getting easier. I just don't want to know there's a baby out there that I can't have a relationship with...
I hope it's not that way... I hope it all ends happily and I get to see little Kaden whenever I want... but who knows?


bahama97 said...

How exciting Tracy! I hope it all works out well :)

Jenn said...

wow, i hope things get better for you and you get to know your little brother.

Katrina said...

How exciting! I hope that you get to meet your fathers partner soon & that everything goes well.

Jenny said...

I have a friend in a very similar situation. Her dad had three children with her mother, and he ended up marrying a much younger woman and has two with her...she said it was very hard at first, but now she has just another sister and brother.

This little guy is going to be very lucky to have you and your family in his life.

Maybe you can make the first step by calling your dad and he and his partner and you and your family can get together...I'm not sure if you life close to each other for supper, or maybe they can come to you for a weekend stay. Not only does it benefit you, but it benefits your children to see their grandfather.

Hugs to you!!
Jenny Bamford-Perkins