Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's all volunteer!

This weekend has been a great weekend for our family, chock full of volunteer work! Whew!
On Friday night, we went to the firehouse and helped set up the track for the Pinewood Derby I was in charge of. It took a couple of hours, taking down tables, setting the back up in different formations... and then setting the track. The boys enjoyed that!
On Saturday morning I did the Pinewood derby. It's very stressful being in charge of something like that. I get nervous that I didn't get enough food, or drinks, or people won't show. Which actually happened... out of 15 or so Junior scouts that were supposed to come, only 6 showed up. Dang! At least the Brownies all showed.
When the derby was over, we had to take down the track and clean the firehouse again. We also helped set up the tables for the Blue and Gold (boy Scout) dinner that night. We put on tableclothes, folded napkins... and I got to teach the kids how to set a table using salad forks!
We had to leave by noon so that Samantha and I could drive around the neghborhood and pick up food that people had set out for our Girl Scout food drive. We brought it to the food pantry and then we stayed for a while... we checked in food... Sam and I... we checked for dents, and expired food... and whatever was good we put on the shelves. It's amazing how much stuff is expired that people donated. But it was very interesting to see the food and all that. Very humbling.
And after that we had the Blue and Gold dinner for Boy Scouts. Will's troop did a little skit of knock knock jokes, they were cute. The roast beef dinner left a bit to be desired...but oh well...
And now this morning, hubby is over at the firehouse again, doing a benefit breakfast for one of the kids in our neighborhood/school who is battling a serious bone diesease (see I love that hubby is volunteering his time and cooking!!
And this afternoon is my Girl Scouts International Fair. We are doing Hong Kong. Should be fun!!

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