Friday, March 9, 2007

Plans changed....

Went to the dr. yesterday for a phycial and was told I need to exercise more. In theory, that sounds great! In reality, I have no idea when I'd have the time... Then I found out the girls I babysit are very sick and not coming today. So-- yippee! The YMCA!! But no... daughter is home sick again. She has a nasty cold and just doesn't feel/look good. Aww man!!!
So I will be home cleaning until around 11, when I have to pick up Will to go to his orthodontist appointment. Poor buddy-- now he KNOWS that they will be tightening his braces and so he cries when he thinks about it. I know how he feels, but what can I do?
After appointments we usually go out for a lunch, but not with a sick kid in tow. We may just hit McD's...
I realized this morning I missed Grey's Anatomy last night... was it a repeat? I did watch American Idol... so glad Antonella is gone. But I'm bummed Sundance is gone... I really liked him. I like Sonjaya too, but I think Sundance...and Jared, for that matter, was better. Top 12 is interesting... it will be neat to see how quickly all these guys are voted off!! Ha ha ha.
Signing Sam up for cheerleading again tonight. She's on the fence about doing it... which sucks because it was so fun the first two years and last year really soured her. I hope she gets a good coach (Pam!) I will be an assistant coach IF Pam is the coach. I'd love to be head coach again but I won't put myself through all that bullshit. I'd put Sam in another cheerleading place if I could...but there's no where. So we'll suck it up. She's good at it, too... so I don't want her to just quit. We'll see how it goes.
Have a great FRIDAY!!!!!


Paxil Princess said...

Sorry to hear a/b Sam being sick. Ethan has been home for the past 4 days w/a bad sinus infection. It sucks that we can't take the pain away. *Hugs*

Jenny said...

I can relate to the daughter did cheering from 6th grade till 11th grade. Her Junior year she became so outraged with the crap that was going on she walked out of practice, came home and said no more.

When it becomes a chore and isn't fun anymore that's when you have to question if it's worth your time and energy.

Good luck to Sam.