Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It is BEAUTIFUL outside!! Almost 60 degrees, sun is shining... and my flowers are even starting to come up! I love this time of year!! It really makes me want to get outside and clean up the yard!

We went walking today... only for about 45 minutes but that was a long time for Avi- she's only 2. And she walked the whole way while I pushed a double stroller! She was a trooper! And boy did she take a good nap this afternoon!

Tonight I have Girl Scouts. I am the Leader for my daughter's troop - 7 10 year olds. It really is a great bunch of girls. We have our share of problems but overall I love this bunch. It is a lot of work to be a leader though! It seems like I've spent all day getting paperwork together and making sure we have things in order. At this point we are working on finishing up some patches and helping another troop with their bridging requirements. I am already starting to plan next year-- and, with my co-leader's agreement, implementing some changes that I think will really help the girls grow.

And I scrapped a LO today! (See above). I just love those pictures of Samantha and her hamster, Hamtaro. He was a really good sport during that photo shoot, considering it was his bedtime!!

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