Sunday, March 4, 2007

My busy life!!

Busy busy busy are we. I am tired but I keep on going...

Yesterday morning I had my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I was down another 1.6 pounds! Yippee for me! But it's getting discouraging because I've only lost a little over 5 pounds and it's been 5 weeks.... at this rate, it will be summer before I'm close to my goal.
After the meeting Will had bowling. He has been in the league for about a month now. His average right now is a 42 and in his first game he scored a 59! I was very proud of him. He scored a spare and even a strike, but that was during practice.
Samantha had two basketball games after that, back to back. They were both "away" but not too hard to find. She own both games! She's so good at basketball!! She even fouled a couple of times... we're like "Go Sam! Way to be aggressive!" :) The first game they creamed them, 32 to 9. The second game was much closer... 11 to 10.... and they scored a basket in the last 40 seconds to win! It was a very cool game!!
After the games Grammy convinced Sam to go to Pizza hut. I couldn't eat any pizza, that was a little tough. But I was full anyways from the sub I had gotten between games.
As soon as we were done there, we had to rush home because it was Family Game Night at church. It was the first one...and it was actually a fun time. I must admit, I was a bit nervous... but it was fun for all of us. Hubby and I learned to play Dominoes, which was cool!! And someone brought a Wii that kept the kids entertained :) We were there for 4 hours!
Couldn't sleep when I went to bed... stayed up watching a cool ER story on the Discovery Channel. That channel has some interesting shows on it! Had to turn it off to go to sleep... Hubby was snoring up a store so it was tough.
And then... Shea was up throwing up in the middle of the night. Poor puppy! Thank goodness Hubby was willing to clean it up. I don't do throw up. Shea spent the rest of the night in her crate... so I woke up early to her wimpering. I felt bad for her and let her out....
Went to church, now we're headed to Lip Sync practice. And back to church again for a Lenten dinner and some dramatic readings that Samantha and Will are involved in.
And then....bed!!!! I can't wait.

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Katrina said...

What busy day. I don't do throwup either, that is always my DH's job.