Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow, it's Tuesday *again*??

So today was an important day in Samantha's life.... she got her herbst appliance taken off. In the picture you can see it well, all that extra metal in her mouth. Now she just has regular braces, and rubber bands to wear at night. When they took it off, they also took off most of the bottom brackets, and then had to put them back on... so her mouth is pretty sore. Thank goodness for Daddys who are willing to bring you ice cream! (and then you share it with Mommy!) I hope it doesn't hurt for long, I remember those days well.... ouch.

And over the weekend we got bunk beds for Will and Colby. This is not the greatest picture, because Colby made a fort on the bottom! But it at least shows what they look like. Will has the top, Colby has the bottom. They certainly take up a lot of room but they fit very nicely, and the boys are liking them. See that toy box on the left hand side? That has to go! But for now it is holding all of their new school supplies. They need curtains, and the knobs (painted blue, not pink anymore!) put back on their dresser drawers, and then we start going through the toys. I'm fore-seeing a huge headache there!

Last Saturday Colby was riding on our neighbor's go kart (on the front, not on the seat like you're suppsed to) and he fell off. He banged up his knees pretty bad. Gave me a big scare! There were no cuts/scrapes/blood so I didn't think much of it... just gave him some cold wash clothes because they hurt. And within ten minutes these bruised appeared, and his knees swelled. Oy! Thankfully my friend Lauralyn (who is coincidentally a nurse!) came to my aide and helped me out. A little tylenol and some ice and he was good to go.

Will helped me take care of him (which was so cute!) We had Colby on the couch with his feet up on pillows and ice on his knees. He slept there most of the night. Will was going to sleep there too, but he only made it a few hours before going back to his bed. That boy loves his bed!! Colby is smiling in this picture because by then it wasn't so bad.

I brought the boys to a little local stream last Friday. I tried to get a picture of them together, and this is the best I got because Colby refused to stand close to Will. Will kept trying to put his arm around Colby and Colby would have a fit. Red heads!! Will was swimming in the water, and Colby was finding really cool-shaped rocks. Eventually my friend Amy showed up with her kids and her son Evan, who is Colby's age, played with the boys for a while. They dug some very deep holes in the bottom. It was really fun- and so pretty!!!
Went to the doctor yesterday. Baby is doing well. I gained 3 more pounds. BP was good. Baby's heartbeat was low- in the 120s... but doc says that is normal for a resting baby so I will believe him. Baby has been moving consistently so no worries there. He did check for placement and thinks he is still breech... so at my next appointment I have an ultrasound scheduled. Then an appt with the same dr. We need to talk options. He thinks the best course is a C-Section. Have I mentioned I am scared to death of needles? And even more so of someone cutting me open?? PLEASE baby, just turn the right way so I don't have to stress about this!!!!
When we put up the bunkbeds, we also started working on the baby's room-- finally!!! We emptied Colby's clothes out of the dresser and filled it with little teeny tiny clothes. A friend of mine dropped off a changing table so we also set that up. Honestly, I have the most generous friends!! We have so much stuff already!! And I still have boxes in the attic I need to bring down. It is so fun setting up his room....
Art is coming along on the deck too. He was at a stand still the last couple of days, waiting for the materials he had ordered to come in. But we got the call today and they are coming tomorrow, so maybe by next Tuesday we will have a new deck!! I can't wait!! He is doing an awesome job so far... it's really hard to imagine what it will finally look like.
Well, I'm off! Have a happy Tuesday evening!!!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy sounds like one adventure after another for you! That little bean will turn around I just know it!