Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today is Tuesday

On Sunday we went to Grafton State Park with my sister, my brother, and our cousin Matt. We were there for a few hours. The weather was beautiful- nice and hot and sunny, and we brought our EZ-UP so we were in the shade the whole time! We brought Shea along too, and aside from some very annoying barking bouts, she was great. She got to meet a Labradoodle that was twice her size and only 10 months old!
My sister brought along a friend of Colin's named Keegan, who my kids know from going to Colin's races, so the kids played together nicely. They didn't swim much, but they played in the sand, rode on scooters, played ball, and even played beach volleyball!
We had a yummy lunch too... well, the adults did. The kids were too busy playing, until we started packing up and they started with the "But I didn't eat!" comments. Oy!!

Here is our new deck! Art is moving right along. This picture above is the view out of the sliding doors in the kitchen.

This view shows how wide it will be... it goes under the apple tree, so we'll probably have to cut that back a little.

And this is a view from outside. It is so cool to watch it be built like this!! Hopefully soon it will have a floor so we can see what's it's like to walk out onto our deck!!

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