Friday, August 15, 2008

Our trip to Springfield, Mass

Today we took a trip to Springfield, Mass to visit my cousin Jenn, who is Sam's idol. My mom tagged along too because she is Jenn's Godmother. Springfield is about 90 minutes from us and it was a nice ride. (We brought Art's GPS so that helped a lot!) After we picked up Jenn, we went to the Dr. Seuss Memorial. It was basically a bunch of sculptures in a courtyard. But I loved it!! (and it's free). I love Dr. Seuss and I thought the sculptures were great.
This was the first one we saw, the Lorax. Colby did this funny pose when I asked him to smile by him.

Here is Sam. SAM-I-AM

Colby wore his Cat in the Hat shirt just for the occasion... so of course I had to take his picture next to the Cat in the Hat!!

This is Jenn, Sam, Will and Colby in front of a huge book of "Oh, the Places You'll Go".
It was beautiful there... we thought it would rain but it held out so we lucked out.
The courtyard that the garden was in, was surrounded by 4 museums. One was a science museum and the kids wanted to go in. One admission gets you into all 4 museums, but we only went to 2... the science museum, and another geneology museum that had a room on Dr. Seuss.
The science museum had a great dinosaur exhibit, and cool animals, and an aquarium. There was also an exhibit on planets and one on rocks, and one on Africa which I thought was really interesting.
After the museum we went to lunch at the Northampton Brewery, yum yum!!
And then to a cool toy store... which was a little annoying because of course the kids wanted everything they saw! Too bad the store isn't closer because they had really neat things that would be cool for Christmas gifts! And so many nice baby toys.
And then we went out for ice cream, to a place that is famous for being the first place to put candy in their ice cream. I had a little cup of chocolate ice cream with some sprinkles. It was great!! Sam and Will had chocolate too, and Colby was the oddball and had banana ice cream!
It was a really fun trip. Nice to go with Grammy. And so fun to see Jenn, we hardly ever see her. She is on her way to UMass this fall to start getting her PhD. Wow. I'm glad she's Sam's idol!!
Well, gotta head to bed, going to Six Flags in the morning.


so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy awesome pics looks like such a fun place to visit.. maybe we'll have to look into getting there some day!

Joy said...

How fun! I love the picture with the lorax too funny!