Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's August??

Well... I will go backwards from today....
Last night Samantha's travel team met at a Valley Cats game to have an "end of the season" party. Their coach had shirts made for them that said "EG Express, 12-0" with their name/number on the back. He also just happened to get these certificates in the mail yesterday... each girl and coach was sent a certificate of commendation from the legislature! He said they had seen the article in paper and sent them to him! How cool!

Yesterday was also the last day of Summer Camp. I've got no idea how 4 weeks went by so quickly! Whoosh-- did you hear that? There they went!
Camp was fun for the boys. I enjoyed my morning and afternoon walks to the bus stop. I love that the boys had lots of fun outdoor time, and swimming every day. Of course they could swim here, but they don't usually. We'll see if I can't change that. If it was up to Little Samantha, they'd be swimming in the pool all day long!
I'm not looking forward to "I'm bored....he hit me... there's nothing to do... why can't we do X... tell him to stop!..." all day long. But I suppose it's what I will have to deal with! I wish they would just get along.
And unfortunately we have a neighbor who is not the nicest child... and he tends to pit the boys against eachother. So I'm going to have to be right on top of that situation also.

On Wednesday I met Steve the midwife! My appt. was great. I gained 4 pounds in 3 weeks-- eeks! Hopefully that's mostly baby! My BP was good. The baby was great! Heartbeat was in the 130s. But he is still breech. The midwife showed me where the head was, and I felt it!! That was weird. He says if the baby hasn't turned by 36 weeks then they will do another ultrasound and decide where to go from there. I am SO SCARED of a C-section so I really hope he either turns or can be turned. There's still time, or so I'm told!!

We went to Rhode Island last weekend for the tournament. This is only part of the team. It was fun weekend- the girls had fun in the hotel, playing elevator tag and swimming and hanging out in each other's rooms. The parents had fun "meeting" at the bar at night.
The games were great! Samantha did AWESOME! There was one game where she hit the ball really hard, and the girl who went to get it sprained her knee and ended up on crutches... and that *really* upset Samantha.
In another game, a girl on the other team got herself out because she hit the ball and it ended up hitting her on the helmet, that was funny!
And in a game on Sunday, Sam got out in a really stupid way that we still don't understand... the player up to bat had a dropped third strike, so she ran to first, the player on first ran to second...and Sam was on third so she ran home. Well... apparently you can't do that... and she was called out because of "interference" and that she "baited the pitcher"...???? It stunk because she was the first one up and would have had the first run.
They played one team with a REALLY FAST pitcher... and Samantha was the ONLY one who hit off of her, and she did it every time she was up to bat! Go Sam!!
The tournament was cancelled on Sunday after their first game because it was raining and thundering and lightening. So we went home, got home around 6 PM.
It was a fun time! Their coach says they "tied for first place" although we may never know how they really did. I say they did great!! They won half their games that weekend.

Not much else going on, trying to do some "spring/summer" cleaning! HAGD!

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Tracy that is fantastic about Sam's team.. and reading all the things you do keeps me busy!