Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Escape

We spent yesterday at the Great Escape in Lake George, NY. It was a great day to go. Even though it rained 3 times... other than that, it was sunny and bright but not too hot. The kids didn't mind the rain (which only last a few minutes each time) so we didn't let it bother us either! Samantha brought her friend Sarah, and they were so funny to watch. They've reached the age where little kid stuff, like the Looney Toons park, is "cool" and "funny" and the boys were basically like "Umm, this is for babies..." I'm glad I got a picture of them with Tweety Bird. Will wanted nothing to do with that, and Colby is still afraid of life-sized characters!!

My mom's work (we went with them) has a lunch and also a raffle for everyone who goes. This year, Will won the "big" kids prize-- AN IPOD SHUFFLE!! He has had his little heart set on an Ipod for years so now he finally has one!! And the kicker is, Samantha pulled the ticket!! We thought that was so nice of her :*)
He *really* wanted the PSP2 which was an adult prize... and a woman won it, and he ran right over and asked if she would trade with him. Honestly, only Will would do that!! She said no... but that was okay, he loves the Ipod!
And funny enough, Sarah won a prize too... but 11 year olds are consider adults and she won a DVD player!! We told her she technically should give it to us but she didn't agree!

The Ragin River is so fun!! Six people go on this ride at once, getting splashed along the way. Well, they have these things where you pay a quarter, and you can squirt people! I think it's even more fun than the ride! A whole group of us (people I don't even know) were squirting everyone!! I I used one to squirt these guys, and I got them good!!!


By the end of the day, Colby was awfully tired... I tried to take his picture but this is the best "smile" I got. What a stinker. And the hat, I have to post about the hat! It's Art's hat... and at first he only wore it because Samantha "Oh, you are NOT wearing that hat!" but he wore it all day... and Colby wore it a little. One little girl walked by and stared at him.... and then smiled... it was cute!!

Well, we're off on another adventure- enjoy your Sunday!!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow looks like so much fun.. I love to ride the raging river.. and Congrats Will on the Ipod!