Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7th update

I did this layout today... it was from a sketch I found on another blog! I love the sketch, and I love the pictures, especially the middle one! Colby was so cute that day!
One of his gifts was some money from Grandma Lorna, and he finally got himself Heely's the other day...he is so proud of them!

Sarah got a new puppy....and she is Mini Shea! Not really, her name is actually Ellie, but she looks just like a mini Shea! It's so fun! She brought her over one day and Shea was so funny... she just kept sniffing the puppy. I wonder if she has that mothering instinct?

We found these baby squirrels the other day on Art's trailer. There were 6 of them... teeny tiny, pink and hairless. Art made sure not to touch/disrupt them as he moved their nest to a better place.

Will mowed the lawn! On the big mower! He's just like Daddy now!

My brother gave me these shoes! Aren't they just the sweetest little things?? Tiny is what they are! I think they are adorable and I can't believe the baby will have feet that small!
Speaking of baby... I am 32 weeks along today! Wow, it's really getting close now. He has been moving and moving and moving... hopefully flipping himself around, although I don't know because I still feel most movements in my lower abdomen. I'm thinking he's either going to be a gymnast or a contortionist... ha ha! I used to say he didn't move much... but lately, he doesn't stop! And sometimes boy does it hurt!!!

We've been busy doing school shopping. So far we've spent well over $100 just on SUPPLIES! Man, these lists are brutal!! Sam and Will both need flash drives, Sam needs a scientific calculator, and they all have very specific color-coded lists. Thank goodness we're almost done, not it's on to new clothes!!

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lashell said...

Thanks for dropping by the the photo of the baby squirrels(SP) congrats on the baby