Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

Went to see the midwife today for my 32 week check up. We had a lengthy discussion about what we would do if the baby stayed in a breech position. She thinks I'm a good candidate for both 'version' and also just having a breech birth, but I need to talk to the doctor about that because that's not something my midwife can do. So I will make an appointment for 36 weeks with the dr. I like, after my next ultrasound. And after all that talk, she went to listen to the heartbeat, and she was almost certain that the baby has turned anyways!! So it may not be an issue at all. Either way, she gave me a sheet of suggested exercises to try to get the baby to go head down, and also some other simple things I can do. I am not a good guesser as to what position he is in-- I'm always wrong!! So I'm eager to get that ultrasound... 4 weeks until then. (Which is really sad because that's also when school starts again). So the check up was great! I gained 2 more pounds, in 2 weeks. And baby's heartbeat was a healthy 145 BPM. Everything was great-- except for the kids who spent the whole time in the waiting room fighting with each other! ugh! Why do they have to fight in public when I cannot yell at them or separate them??

Today Art started pouring the concrete bases for the deck!! Very exciting! It will be so nice to finally have a deck on the house-- and not just a door leading to nowhere!

We have been painting Will's room... the boys chose navy for the color, and it is so hard. I've practically given up, and now I'm just waiting for Art to come in and finish the job for me. We've done 3 coats so far and I think it looks awful. Just awful. I'm ready to prime it and start over but Art is convinced that it will all be okay. Let's hope so-- I am so ready to get the boys in the same room and start working on the baby's room! I'm tired of putting everything in the attic.

My friend Laurie sent me a HUGE box of baby stuff yesterday, it was like Christmas!! So many little outfits, and onesies, and hats and socks... so tiny! It was so fun to look through! I really can't wait to see this little guy and start dressing him in the cute little clothes!

Had lots of rain here yesterday, and Rensselaer was in a state of emergency. Art's best friend John lost his truck- it was literally buried under water right up to the windows. Amazing! We also bought the kids to tae kwon do but the entranceway was also flooded, so the fire dept. told them they had to cancel classes. It was weird to see so much water! Thank goodness it wasn't so bad here. Usually the pond floods but it hasn't. We did have a wet spot on the carpet in the basement- but Art was able to figure out why and fix it. Thank goodness we caught it right away. Oy. And poor Shea-- it seems every single day there is thunder, and she is so afraid of thunder! She won't leave my side when it thunders. It's cute, but sad too!!

Speaking of the pond, we saw the blue herron today. I wish it would come closer so I could get a picture. Tonight it was on the opposite side of the pond, too far to even really get a good look at.

Happy Tuesday!

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Katrina said...

I am glad that you didn't get flooded. The midwife appointment sounds great & I hope that the baby turns naturally for you.