Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday October 30

What a frigid Thursday it is! Although it's not so bad inside the house, where I can be toasty warm snuggled under a blanket with a hot chocolate in my hand... but then I go outside, and I'm practically shivering. Granted, my threshold for cold is probably not the norm... I get cold when it's 65! So this 30 degree weather makes me feel like I'm in Alaska! What will I do when it really gets cold??
Oh well... enough about the cold weather. Let's just be thankful that we have a woodstove now!
Don't you love this picture of Samantha and Owen? She is such a big help with him. I know I can count on her to hold him when I need her to-- and I don't have to hover close by, scared that she will drop him! As much as I love holding my little guy... it's just not possible 24/7, like when I'm trying to cook! And that's where Samantha came in. Poor Owen was crying, but Big Sis picked him up and he melted right into her! It was so sweet. He almost went to sleep too. She definitely has a knack for calming him down.

The next picture is exhibit A: what happens when you ask Daddy to take a picture of you and the baby. Did he realize he cut off a third of my face? Or was he trying to be funny? Either guess is a good one, I honestly don't know the answer! Aside from that, what's up with Owen? This picture was taken after he spent about 20 minutes with Daddy, playing happily on the floor.. I snapped so many fun photos! Then I asked to have one of us taken, and he started crying! Sheesh! You think he'd be a little kinder to his only food source!?

Here are some pictures of that happy Daddy time! We were in the basement, where it was a nice comfortable 85 degrees...!!!... but Owen hated it. He doesn't like the heat it seems. So we stripped him down and played with him on the floor, where it was cooler.
When Mommy plays with Owen, she snuggles him and kisses him and sings to him... when Daddy plays with Owen... he "punches" him and makes funny faces and poses... he even tried really hard to get a picture of Owen holding a beer, but Owen wasn't having it (Go, Owen!)

I do love the look on Art's face when he was having Owen fake-punch him! It's classic! He always comments on how Owen looks like he wants to punch someone, because he always makes fists!
And this picture, we were saying, "Let's see some muscle!" Can you see them???
And the bottom picture, Daddy was making him stand! He looks so sweet, doesn't he? And look how tiny he looks next to Daddy's hands! Awww...

So here is our update....
Owen is doing great! Can't believe he is 3 weeks old already. Why can't he stay this size forever?? Or at least a year?? Why do they have to grow so quick? I am cherishing every moment with him.
Samantha is doing well. She has been pegged as a Highly Abled Learner... and I have an appointment with her teachers on Monday to "make sure she is being challenged". That should be interesting. Her math and ELA teachers will be there.
And basketball has started. We got a call last night from her new coach. Last year she wanted to be on the "A" team and ended up on the "C-" team and was terribly upset until the season started, and then it was great! And this year, she wanted to be on the "C-" team again because she loved her coach... but instead she's on the "A" team, we think. Either way, it's a new coach and she's not too happy about that! Oh well, I'm sure it will work out! She's such a great ball player, she should shine on any team!
Will is also playing basketball, and apparently he has one of the best coaches (coming from someone who was on her team last year) so I'm happy about that! Honestly, I don't care what team he's on, as long as he has fun. And it sounds like he has a few friends on this team so that should make it better than last year!
And... we went to the orthodontist this morning. He got his retainer bar taken off! His first words were "Can I have some gum???" Which was very cute! Unfortunately, we have an appointment in December, and another in January, to talk about his BRACES. Yes, he is getting braces. Phase II. Lovely. Wonder what Phase II will cost us?? Do I want to know?
Colby is playing ball too... but he doesn't start until December. Which is good. Give us a little more time to get used to carting 4 kids around! Colby is doing great. School is going well. He's become friends "again" with a little boy up the road and they are playing all the time, it's so nice. I think he feels special that he can ride his bike up the road, and then call me when he gets there. A little freedom!
Art is almost finished with the roof on the rental house- he has been there so much, I hope he finishes soon! It's been a little hard not having him around these past few weeks... but the good thing is, all I have to do is ask, and he'll come home and help out! The other night he knew I was overwhelmed so he started a fire, let me and Owen lay down on the couch... and then he cooked dinner and cleaned up! AND brought Sam to basketball practice! That is worth a million dollars to me! I don't need diamonds, I just need someone to make me dinner!
Have a wonderful Thursday! Don't be too crazy on Mischief Night!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh Tracy best pictures ever... but dont' I say that everytime you post some. Love the ones of Owen and Art together... and your comment about being his only food... really he should be nice to you then!!