Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn is here!

I took this picture of Owen today, sleeping on the chair. Look at his hands! He has such long fingers... such perfect little fingers, and beautiful nails. Today is the first day that I had his hands exposed... I didn't want to, but all of his outfits that go over his hands are in the wash, besides the gowns... he had one outfit in his drawer, and as soon as I put it on him- he pooped, and went through the diaper and clothes!! Of course!! But now that his hands have been out all day, he has scratched his little face up. Boo. No open hands tomorrow.

So... it's definitely autumn!! The leaves are so beautiful, orange and red and yellow... the view of our backyard is just gorgeous.

Today Will was over playing with some friends and they tried to build "the biggest leaf pile ever!" I needed at least one picture, so I snapped one before they were done. But I couldn't watch them any longer, as I had to start dinner (a favorite-- meatloaf) and nurse the baby.

Yesterday I took the kids in the backyard to try and get some nice fall pictures.
This one of Colby and Owen is just precious. I love how Colby's hair has a strong orange color to it!! And Owen is looking at the camera, can't ask for more than that!!
Colby was in a bad mood, not that you can tell. He was very disagreeable... he didn't want to sit on the leaves, especially when he saw a spider on one. So he was sitting on his booster seat!
At least he smiled so I could get this photo!!

Here is a picture of Will and Owen. Will was very happy to get his picture taken holding the baby. I love this little Pumpkin hat that Grandma Lorna bought for Owen when she was visiting. It's so perfect for this season!!!
I tried to get a good picture of just Owen in the leaves, but he really only likes to be held. He didn't like laying in the leaves.

Here is Samantha and Owen! Samantha is so comfortable with the baby...she loves to hold him. And she's so good with him! He knows it too... he always calms right down when she holds him. She has a special way I guess!
Doesn't she look so pretty in this photo? She is really growing up. Definitely a "pre teen".
Look at Owen's face too... doesn't look too thrilled, does he? I LOVE the little expressions he makes!!!

Art is still working the 3-11 shift. Today he spent the day putting a roof on his rental house. He did it yesterday too, and is a little more than half done. He is such a hard worker! Even a neighbor at that house commented on how he doesn't take a break.

Samantha got an interim report card last week-- and there was a letter enclosed. It said that Samantha is eligible next year to take an advanced math class (in 7th grade) so that in 8th grade she can take 9th grade math. She is very excited! Math is definitely her favorite subject. And we are so proud of her!!!

Will has also been doing good in school. He says his favorite subjects are ELA and math, just like Sam. He is having some issues with some of the kids though... he is forever being teased and picked on, and the poor child just cannot stand up for himself. I'm really torn as to what I should do. The kids who are picking on him are kids he has grown up with, I know their parents, and I know they are trouble kids. I really wish Will would fight back.

Colby is doing well. Although he has turned into this very aggravating child! He has ATTITUDE with a capital "A". Which wouldn't be so bad if I weren't already dealing with 2 other children who also have attitudes!! I'm not sure if his attitude is because of his age, or because of the baby... or a little of both. Either way, I'm hoping I can get rid of it soon!!

I brought the kids to church yesterday, and they had a rose on the altar in honor of Owen! And we got to bring it home, so we have a beautiful big red rose in the living room! Everyone there was excited to see the baby. And of course, five minutes into the service he pooped a very loud poop!

On a completely different subject, I read the book "Gap Greek" by Robert Morgan. It was really good! Lately I have been reading similar books...about poor people living in the mountains. I love that kind of stuff!! And I'm so thankful to my friend Amy, who has been my library lately. She has tons of books... and I borrow a couple, read them, and exchange them for two more!! So until I read them all, I don't need to go to the library!!


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so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy you have the cutest kids all around. Love those pictures. And I know all about a 7 year old with an attitude if you come up with something to get rid of it let me know!