Monday, October 13, 2008

We are in love!!!

It's hard to believe that baby Owen is going to be 5 days old today. Hard to believe he is has only been here for 5 days- it feels like so much longer. And hard to believe that a week ago he was still in my belly. Babies truly are a miracle.

I hope this little guy enjoys getting his picture taken, because I just love taking it! He is so adorable!! The top picture, see his arm? He always seems to have his left arm up by his face, and his right arm stuck straight out to the side.
The second picture, doesn't he just look so cute?
Art says he looks like a stocking. I love him in the
little gowns and the white hat, even though the hat is a little big and tends to fall down over his face a lot!!

And then there are his feet! How can you not take a picture of his feet??
And the bottom one was taken this morning... on the camera it didn't have as much of a shadow. I think it's so great that I got him in an awake/ non fussy moment, and he is looking at me!! I love to look at his eyes.

Owen is a really *great* baby. He nurses like a champ-- all the time!! And he's actually been taking about 2 naps a day, where I can set him down in the bassinette and he stays asleep. Of course, I have to check on him every 5 minutes when he does that. He prefers to be held, by me. And I won't deny him that! How do you not hold a 5 day old baby when he wants you? I just love how he will cry when someone else is holding him, but then immediately calm down when I take him back. And how when he nurses he looks right into my eyes. Or he curls himself around me and falls fast asleep.
Everyone is loving Owen!! The kids constantly want to hold him. We've had lots of visitors. The dog is very interested. She doesn't pay much attention to Owen until he cries, and then she's right there to see what is the matter.

And of course, I haven't forgotten the other kids!!

Will is doing great. He spent last night at a lock-in at the bowling alley. Bowling and eating and games all night long- just up his alley. I can't wait to hear about it.

Speaking of bowling, Colby bowled a *97* on Saturday. They even announced his name because that is such a good score!!

And Samantha spent the weekend babysitting and then hanging with Grammy at an apple festival. They brought home apples-- so I plan on making some apple muffins today and maybe, just maybe, another apple kuchen!! They also brought cider donuts but they were gone right away.

Art spent a lot of the weekend chopping wood, so hopefully we'll have enough for the woodstove. Thankfully it's not too cold yet. I'm hoping it stays nice for a while, I'd really like to take Owen for some walks when I'm up to it. My sister gave me a great stroller and I can't wait to use it!!

...well...I'm off to enjoy my little guy!!!


Brook said...

What a precious boy! I am so glad that he is here and that you are all doing well!

mama_in_pajamas said...

What a precious bundle you have there! Beautiful pictures!

Katrina said...

He is just gorgeous. That red outfit would be perfect for a xmas photo.

Laurie said...

So glad that Owen is fitting right in so fast!! He is one CUTE baby!