Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Friday!

This is what I call Owen's "mad face". He scrunches down his little eyebrows and kind of looks at you like he's mad. Of course, we think it's simply adorable!!

I love taking pictures of Owen, but I swear they don't do him justice! He is much cuter in person!

I joke that this is what he does when he doesn't want me to take any more pictures!!

This picture was taken today. I love his little hats!

Here he is with Sissy.

Today was a pretty good day. Owen started off by taking a 3 hour nap as soon as the kids left for school. I really didn't know what to do with myself. I puttered on the computer a little, cleaned a bit, did laundry... and of course when he woke up, I got hungry and wanted to eat but I couldn't because all he wanted was to be held! I can't stand to put him down and listen to him cry-- it breaks my heart. He's still so teeny tiny, of course I just want to hold him. So I do.
And in the afternoon, I sat on the couch to nurse him, and we both fell asleep! Ahhhh- that was so nice and refreshing!

Tonight Will went to a Funtastic Friday at school. And Art is out at a party, so I had to bring Will and then pick him up. I didn't really want to bring a 9 day old baby there, but I had no choice. Will had lots of fun. I'm glad he is old enough to start doing things that only Sam used to be able to do.

And I have to say, I go to a great church! Every day this week someone has shown up and brought us meals :) How nice is that? It's great to not have to wonder 1. what to make, 2. when to make it. It's all there, all ready! And they even bring dessert!! It's been great, especially since I don't have Art around in the evenings and it has been quite hard.

Happy Friday!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

oh my isnt' he precious.. don't think I can say that enough!