Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Friday Again!

Here are some more pictures to share!
Last night Owen went to his first Family Night at Aunt Terry's house. Of course, he was the main attraction! Everyone loves a baby, especially my family!
He was in a great mood too...very happy and alert.
In the top picture, that is how he fell asleep in my arms at the end of the night. I loved how he was so curled up and comfy!
And isn't that a sweet outfit? It's a hippo outfit I bought off of ebay months ago! There's a matching hat too but it had fallen off of him... for
some reason this outfit was stuffed in his bottom drawer! I'm glad I found it- it fits him perfectly!

The second picture is Owen on Grammy's shoulder. I love how alert he looks!! What a doll face!

The third picture is Will holding Owen on Thursday morning. I love how Owen is curled up on him, looking outside. Will loves to hold the baby, but only when the baby is happy! If he's crying or needs a diaper change, right back to Mom her goes!
The next picture was taken when Daddy was holding Owen. He always seems to have this serious face on him, and it's hard to capture because sometimes the pictures just don't look at good as he does in person! I'm happy with this picture, though... it really shows him off. Of course, he's not really that bulky!!

And last.... that little scrunched up look! I love when Owen lays like that, with his bum sticking up in the air! I know you're supposed to put babies to sleep on their back... but Owen really prefers to be on his belly. I think he just feels more snug that way. Obviously, he's always on his belly or side when he sleeps with me. And on those rare occassions that he's on his back, he's snuggled in my arms. I NEVER leave him sleeping on his belly when I'm not able to check on him all the time though....

Today is gorgeous! The fall weather is just beautiful! My neighbor Barb and I went on a nice walk around the neighborhood. Owen was snuggled in the stroller, wearing a really cute snowsuit I found hanging in his closet! It is blue, with
little ears on the hood! And a few blankets on top of that, didn't want him to get cold! He must have been just right because he fell right asleep and slept the whole time.

This morning there was a presentation at the elementary school for the summer reading program. Samantha came in 2nd place this year among the 6-8th graders. She won a gift certificate to the Funplex! That will be fun! I know she's a little bummed though, as the 3rd place winner got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, one of her most favorite stores! Oh well. I'm just
proud of her for coming in 2nd place. She read so much over the summer-- she still does!!

Colby won a small prize too, when his name was pulled out of a hat. I felt bad, they never even mentioned Will. I think he just didn't log enough minutes so he wasn't an "honorable mention" but he was there so I wish they had at least said his name....

Tonight it a Pack Meeting for the boys. Always a fun time! I love to see them dressed in their Scout uniforms... they look so formal!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

More fantastic pictures... that is one serious face for daddy and that bottom one is adorable with him all curled up!