Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Monday!

See this adorable hat on Owen? It's a pumpkin hat! It was made by my good friend Amy Marie from my scrapbooking website! She sent it for Owen and it fits him perfectly! It love it on him, he is so cute!!
But it wasn't easy to take a picture of it, seeing as he cannot sit up yet and even though he holds his head up pretty well, he doesn't do it for a long time....
So we were trying to be creative and get a good picture!!

And a sleeping picture! I just love sleeping baby pictures!

Here is a picture of Colby holding Owen with the pumpkin hat on!! What a cheesey smile, Colby!! I did get a picture with a better smile, but Owen didn't look so well.

And here is a picture of WIll and his Jack O Lantern! He went to his friend Elijah's yesterday, and came home with this!! I just love it!! He was so proud of himself, too.
That is one thing we haven't done yet, is get pumpkins. And we haven't gotten down any Halloween decorations. We barely know what the kids will be for Halloween!! I am SO behind.
At least I bought the candy, and I haven't even opened a bag to "try" them!!

Speaking of Halloween, just found out that the middle school won't be celebrating Halloween this year... instead they will have a "black and orange day". While I understand why they may want to do this, and while I understand that older kids don't really want to dress up and parade around the school... I feel like they are taking something away from Will and all the other 4th graders who were planning on dressing up at school. And us moms, who enjoy going to see them!
Samantha of course said "So?" but Will was pretty bummed.

Funny picture! Colby and I were reading books last night... and Owen fell asleep on me, so I put him on my legs and Colby snuggled up to me. It was great-- I got to have them both on my lap! And Will took the picture, what a good photographer he is!!

Today is my first day with Nick after taking 2 1/2 weeks off... so far he is a big help! But he already told me "I'm going into the living room because I don't want to hear him cry!"



so A"MUSE"D said...

Tracy you have the cutest kids... sorry Will is going to miss out dressing up at school!

krcrafts said...

Will is a great photographer! Love all of the pics of your cute kids :)