Monday, November 3, 2008

It was Halloween??

Yes, it was Halloween. But it almost passed us by! I am lovingly referring to this as the "Halloween that Wasn't".

Oh sure, we had costumes. Well... the kids did. Art and I didn't even dress up this year, and that's rare!! Owen had the best costume... 2 actually... he had a Tigger costume, that he wore all day... and a Li'l Pumpkin costume that he wore to go trick-or-treating.
Samantha was a farmer... jeans, one of Daddy's flannel shirts, and one of his hats... that's how we make a farmer!

Will was a "dead man walking"... he wore his normal clothes, but he had scars and blood on his face...!
And Colby was Luke Skywalker... we colored his hair black (that was interesting!) and he wore tan pants, and his tae kwon do top on inside-out. And of course, he carried a blue light saber.
All costumes that cost us nothing... aside from hair color (which Will used a little too).

I say this is the "Halloween that Wasn't" because we didn't have any pumpkins. Well, Will did... he carved one at his friend Elijah's house last weekend. But no one else did... even little Owen, no first pumpkin! Oh well...

And we didn't have any decorations... nope...not a one. I'm lucky I found the plastic pumpkins that they use for trick-or-treating! Which, actually, no one used... Sam used a pillow case, Colby used a little bag on a stick, and Will used a glow-in-the-dark bucket.

Colby's school had the usual parade (brrr) and then his class had a party, so that was fun! It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up, and the teachers... and everyone loved seeing Owen too. I got some great photos of Colby and Owen (see the one here?)

But Will and Sam... for some reason, their school decided to not have costumes and just do black and orange day. And although they both had parties, I didn't know anyting about them until they got home from school. So I guess they were kids only.

Samantha did get to go to 2 Halloween parties this past weekend, so that was some extra-fun for her. Halloween is a great holiday, but when you have a 3 week old baby, everything seems to take a backseat.

We all had fun though, and that's what matters!

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so A"MUSE"D said...

Still looks like your kids we're having a good time.. and that's what counts!