Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It's Wednesday, but the kids are home from school so it is very confusing! I have Sami and Nick, but I also have my three!! Needless to say, I haven't "done" anything today!

Samantha is done with basketball tryouts. We're waiting to hear what team she is on. I've heard rumors that this year they start having an "A" (better) team and "B" team. Sam is pretty good at basketball so are a lot of the other girls!

Yesterday, Samantha had a tick underneath her armpit. Yuck! Sami and Nick's dad pulled it out... and then Art got more out last night (what looked like a leg?) We tease her about her "hole" because Art really had to dig in there to get it out. She was such a good sport though!!! We were very proud of her because she was SO brave!

Tonight Colby is supposed to go to a "go see it" at a local farm for Cub Scouts. But I'm not sure if he will go. Honeslty, it's our ONE night that we are all home as a family and I really want to go get pumpkins and maybe some apples. We really need more time. It seems funny because I'm home all day, sometimes bored out of my mind, and then come 2:30 and the kids get home and it seems like bam bam bam, we need to go here and there and there is no time!! But I'm NOT complaining! I know they will grow up all too fast and I'll be bored again!

Well, I hear Shea barking outside and I'm pretty sure Nick is awake, so I should go and tend to both of them :)

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Katrina said...

Ouch Samantha! What a brave girl! I totally understand the bam, bam, bam come 2:30 it is amazing how busy those hours get.